“What about Bob?” movie teaches
business strategies of Improvising,
Getting Help & Baby Steps

What about Bob? Movie Ticket
What about Bob? is a classic comedy movie that will teach small business owners how to advance their performance all while being entertained. Enjoy!

What about Bob? (1991) is a very funny Business Strategies movie demonstrating the struggles of surviving and thriving! It amazes me that this movie is 30+ years old already. Bill Murray’s character is Bob, a middle-aged man who is neurotic and has endless phobias which prevent him from living life. But don’t worry; I won’t spoil any of the storyline here.

This fabulous story is about the cycle of breakdowns and breakthroughs – some brilliant and others not too brilliant at all! Some of the challenges entrepreneurs experience can make us feel all psyched up or psyched out at times. However, I believe this is part of being human. Bob’s journey, and his Doctor’s journey, will be very familiar to all of us who wish to accomplish something special.

What about Bob? Business Strategy
#1 Improvising

Bob was an expert in improvisation or adaptation. Every day, he found new ways to improve upon his current situation. I must admit that Bob cleverly utilized everything in his environment to advance himself closer to his goal.

Do you utilize all the resources available to you? Successful Small Business Owners (SBOs) are resourceful. Would you benefit from taking an hour or two to review all the resources available to you and YOUR Business? This could include equipment, software/apps, and YOUR Strengths. Take a thorough inventory and use what can help you get closer to YOUR Goals.

What about Bob? Business Strategy
#2 Getting Help when it’s Needed

Bob, who couldn’t face the world to save his soul, knew enough to reach out for help when he needed it. It didn’t bother him how often or what kind of help he needed; he would ask for it or find a way to access it.

SBOs can learn much from Bob’s persistence to get what he needed when he needed it. He didn’t say, “Oh, I’ll get to that next week on Tuesday.” Instead, when he needed something, he took action right then. When he did this, he could immediately move forward. He kept repeating this until he was satisfied with his actions. Are you taking Right Actions to get YOUR desired results?

What about Bob? Business Strategy
#3 Taking Baby Steps

Bob’s therapist, Dr. Leo Marvin, wrote a book titled “Baby Steps”. Leo gave Bob the book to read while Leo was on vacation. Bob was Bob and took advantage of this resource. Even though Bob was fearful and apprehensive, he moved beyond his own stuff that had previously shut him down. He started practicing the Doctor’s techniques of taking “baby steps” and achieved what he set out to accomplish.

When you have something that’s holding you back incremental steps may serve you well. Whether it’s a monumental task or it feels monumental, taking incremental steps can help you achieve your goals. Sometimes it’s really hard; however, if you keep moving forward, even with small or baby steps, you can get where you want to be. So take action in spite of adversity.

Which one of the Business Strategies from What about Bob? would serve YOUR Business best?


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