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Secrets about Business Success Strategies and Tactics

Business Strategies and Tactics illustrated by business women in suit holding a sign saying "Idea, plan, action".
Are you using Business Strategies and Tactics appropriately? Double-check.

Secrets about Business Success
Strategies and Tactics:
Clarifying the Confusion to Tap Success

Strategies and tactics are often confused by Small Business Owners. I am always fascinated at the lack of clarity on this and I’m concerned. Why? If Business Owners could understand the difference between these two business concepts, their Business Performance  and profit would soar.

Let’s Get the Over-simplified Definition of Strategies and Tactics*

Strategy is a plan. It is the “thinking” part of business.

Tactic is an action. It is the “doing” part of business.

Clarification of Strategies and Tactics Alleviates Busy Work

Over the years I’ve seen many confused Business Owners. Confusion impedes their success. Some believe they are doing the work of a Successful Business Owner because they are mastering how to strategize. You”ll recognize these masters because they’re the endless student or perfectionist who is “reluctant to launch”. There is minimal to no execution of these grand plans and profit dwindles.

While another group of great Business Owners are the non-stop doers. They’re always busy attending network events and scheduling meetings with anyone. They aren’t working on their business plan because they’re haphazardly jumping from one activity to the next. They’re unsuccessful at taking the best actions to grow their business. Whereas the other group battles with perfectionism, this group battles the “bright shiny object syndrome”. Yikes! Both are failing to do the necessary work to support Business Success.

Hierarchy of Business Strategies and Tactics

First there is a vision or goal of something to accomplish. Think of it as the General saying, “Our goal is to take that hill.” Next comes the strategy. This is when the officers create the plan to take the hill. Once the strategy is defined the tactics can be developed. Tactics are the step by step actions of the mission and are completed by the non-commissioned officers. The tactics help to fulfill the strategy’s objective. Eventually, all these planned actions achieve the vision or goal.

A Small Business Owner’s job is to deliver consistent day to day actions (tactics). These tactics should align with YOUR Business’s Goals. If YOUR actions aren’t the Right Actions, you won’t be supporting YOUR Business’s Success. This clarification should clear-up the confusion. I hope you are noticing how staying true to YOUR Right Actions, not just any actions, will swiftly strengthen YOUR Business.

What’s the one strategy or tactic that needs more of your attention? Share your answer in the comment section and I’ll reply.


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