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Is temporary discomfort necessary for growth and profitability?

Temporary discomfort to grow your business is illustrated by a newly transplanted tomato plant that is recovering from being in shock due to the transplanting.
Is temporary discomfort what you are facing or should be facing?

Is temporary discomfort necessary
for growth and profitability?

Temporary discomfort is typically a reflection of a business growing or dying. The difference between the two is when the struggle and discomfort isn’t temporary. Growing and profitable businesses need to go through phases of discomfort to become successful. It’s a natural process.

How are you and YOUR Business similar to a tomato plant?

Every year my garden is blessed with receiving five tomato plants from my in-laws who have a small greenhouse in northern Wisconsin. By early June these wonderful two foot tall plants are already blooming.  My husband and I transplanted them over the weekend.

What did we find? Even though the plants were growing and blooming above the surface, below the surface they weren’t so happy!  Below the surface they were already becoming overcrowded or root-bound. Had we kept them in the smaller containers, where they appeared to be thriving, they would have died.

After we transplanted the 5 tomato plants, they went into shock. This is a common sign of temporary discomfort when transplanting occurs. They have to adjust to their new environment. Of course there is plenty of discomfort for them in their new space. They need to get familiar with their new way of being. If they don’t experience this discomfort they will perish.

Temporary discomfort is only temporary

You and YOUR Business must move through these temporary discomforts of growth to become more profitable. Hopefully when you do this you don’t disturb things too much. Installing a new software program? Temporary discomfort is sure to be experienced. Adding staff or relocating? Even though all this is a good move for business, the temporary discomfort will be noticed.

What is the key is to minimizing temporary discomfort? Assure your growing pains aren’t impeding upon your customers’ experience. Definitely don’t allow then to halt YOUR Business operations. NOTE: Very seldom do businesses grow without discomfort.

Breakthroughs Question for you:
What discomfort have you been avoiding and allowing to stunt your own growth?

What do you to stunt YOUR Business’s Growth and Profitability? Comments are welcomed. I will reply.


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p.s. Thanks to Joan and Al Marburger for nursing our tomato plants and providing a great topic for this blogpost!

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