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New Directions for Business Growth Potential

New Directions For Business Growth Potential

Has the direction of your marketplace changed?
Are you creating changes to better serve your customers?
Did something external change your marketplace and you must adjust?

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New Directions May Lead to New Opportunities

New Directions appears to be the theme today. The day after mid-term elections. Don’t worry, we aren’t discussing politics here! Elections help with an awareness though: Change happens. How you choose to respond is what really matters!

Marketplace: New Directions Impact YOUR Business Strategies

America’s economic landscape is impacted by elections. This is an important awareness for Business Leaders to address. Ignoring it doesn’t support business growth. As a Business Leader it is your responsibility to appropriately respond to External Opportunities and Threats, as well as Internal Strengths and Weaknesses. Yes, I just referenced the SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) which guides businesses to new directions to support business growth and sustainability.

Understanding YOUR New Directions Possibilities

Serves YOUR Customers Better

Change happens. Often change is good. What matter is how we interface with change. I’ve heard Business Leaders from both parties talk about what they are and aren’t going to do, depending upon how Election Night concludes. This is the type of leadership I am referencing. These Business Leaders are great examples of understanding their marketplace, understanding external influences which may impact it, and setting their business in potentially new directions! They are Business Leaders who are leading Businesses. They are aware of their marketplace and not settling for falling victim to any circumstances. This, is good business leadership. It is optimizing circumstances. It is creating your business’s own destiny!

New Directions Create New Opportunities

Even if external influences appear to be a Threat to YOUR Business, I encourage to consider a different possibility.

What if you and your team could find a way to transform the “threat” into an “opportunity”?

What if? Imagine it for a moment. What if you found a way to gain from such an influence? Wouldn’t this be outstanding?  What if you became an Agent FOR Change? What if your business gained, regardless of what is lurking around in your marketplace? Businesses that are thriving are constantly reviewing such issues. Their Business Leaders want and actively seek to understand where potential boosts and snags are in their marketplace. This proactive and/or swift response, versus reacting, is what creates an extra-ordinary business.

Proactive and savvy Business Leaders are extra-ordinary and noteworthy because they are doing the extras!

Are you taking the time to consider YOUR Marketplace? Have you completed a SWOT Analysis this year? New circumstances may be calling YOUR Business to move into new directions. If you need assistance with this, please reach out now so you can begin the new year with some new directions to support your business’s profitability with greater ease!

Please feel free to comment or share how you consistently show up creating YOUR Marketplace Presence.


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p.s. When a business is agile, it responds swiftly to new directions occurring in its marketplace. This behavior is what significantly impacts a business’s profit and marketplace success.


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  1. Interesting article. Right now I’m looking at a slightly different direction for my business and this article helps me steer the ship in the right direction. Thanks!

    Blake Cahoon, Spiritual Translator for Divine Messages
    Illuminated Engagements Centre for Whole Being

  2. Thank you Everyone for your awesome comments you shared regarding this post. As you know, I will always take your calls! Please, also remember it’s OK to post something on the site too- no one sees it until I approve it 🙂 Keep rocking out the rest of the year!

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