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10 project management tips to support business growth

Project management skills illustrated by a male employee witting at his office desk while drawing and writing a concept on a white board.
10 project management tips for Business Owners to effectively grow Business Success.

10 Project Management Tips to Support Business Growth

Project management skills take a good time to master. We aren’t going to focus on all of them here. I’ve noticed there is one, which impedes Business Owners growing their business. Business Owners must learn how to prioritize what they must do.

Far too often, they allow everyone else to dictate their calendar. Results? They don’t accomplish their business’s requirements. Their daily work isn’t completed. Is this you?

What is good project management for small business?

Let’s over-simplify the definition. Our definition of good project management is prioritizing and completing projects which support growing your business.

Many Business Owners don’t prioritize their time and projects. Ultimately, they won’t be able to complete their necessary business projects because time management and concentration aren’t adhered to for success. Doesn’t this sound simple? The application is the challenge. This is why you need to be diligent with prioritizing you time each day.

10 Project Management Tips to Support YOUR Business Growth

  1. Select what area of you business needs a boost in effectiveness or efficiency.
  2. Decide how you will improve this area of business.
  3. Review the scope of this project.
  4. Determine how much time it will take to complete or implement.
  5. Create a deadline.
  6. Block time on your calendar for this project and make it a priority.
  7. Gather all necessary resources for this project prior to starting it.
  8. Clear your work area- only allow this project’s information to be in it.
  9. Only work on this project when you have it scheduled.
  10. Execute your plan until it is complete.

NOTE: Don’t allow this project to be moved to the back burner. You have declared it a priority. Treat it as such!

REMEMBER: You selected this project because it is going to to support YOUR Business’s growth. Stay very close to this project until it is complete. If you need more time than a week, make sure you block off time on your calendar for next week too!

Above all, have fun with this. You’ve determined it to be a big part of your success. Be proud you’ve taken this on. It will pay off.

Once you have this project complete, start another! You are mastering project management in incremental steps. Congratulations!

Which project management tips are going to snag you? How are you going to overcome this? Share your answer in the comment section.


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