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Feb 18

Opportunities for Business Performance are Everywhere

By Maggie Mongan | Business Strategies , Customers , Goals , Improve Sales , Leadership & Management , Marketing Ideas , Performance , Practical Resources for Business Leaders

Opportunities for YOUR Business Performance: are Everywhere and Waiting for You! Are opportunities hiding on you? How often do you notice opportunities? What do you do when you find them? Opportunities are gifts for Business Owners to capture and utilize to improve YOUR Business’s Performance. In the SWOT Analysis, Opportunities are represented by the “O”. […]

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Feb 09

SWOT Analysis: Should small business conduct this analysis?

By Maggie Mongan | Business Strategies , Goals , Leadership & Management , Performance , Time Management & Productivity Improvement

SWOT Analysis: Is it appropriate for small businesses? Do you know the benefits of  performing a SWOT Analysis? Have you ever conducted a SWOT Analysis? Who is the best person to conduct this assessment? SWOT Analysis are a practical assessment tool to understand an organization’s Strengths (S), Weaknesses (W), Opportunities (O), and Threats (T). Of […]

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Nov 05

New Directions for Business Growth Potential

By Maggie Mongan | Business Strategies , Customers , Goals , Leadership & Management

New Directions For Business Growth Potential Has the direction of your marketplace changed? Are you creating changes to better serve your customers? Did something external change your marketplace and you must adjust? New Directions appears to be the theme today. The day after mid-term elections. Don’t worry, we aren’t discussing politics here! Elections help with […]

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Jul 28

Performance: Business Goals Review

By Maggie Mongan | Business Strategies , Goals , Leadership & Management , Time Management & Productivity Improvement

Cowboys live performance by Maggie Mongan of Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc.

                        Performance: Business Goals Review Are your goals outdated, delusional, or relevant? Do your goals aligned with what is required to succeed? Are you Business Goals simplified? Performance assessments are necessary in each aspect of a business. Is your business performing at the levels […]

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