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Right Actions Supports Accomplishing Goals

 Right Actions Support YOU Accomplishing Goals!

Do you have your goals for 2015 defined yet?
Have you determined which paths you need to take this year?
Are you aware of which actions will serve you best?

"Right Actions" about to be taken as a team places their hands onto of each other's to demonstrate unity of progress
Right Actions about to be taken!

Right actions do support your success. If you want to be an artist, it probably wouldn’t benefit you spending a majority of you time swimming. If you want to be an carpenter, working on plumbing projects may not serve you well. If you want to be a success business owner or leader, it may benefit you to spend time studying your industry or expertise.


Right Actions Support YOU Fulfilling YOUR Goals

In order to determine YOUR right actions, you need to first define YOUR goal or goals. The above examples are powerful to keep in mind when speaking of right actions. During my Monday posts of January 2014, I took readers through a 4 part series on effective goals setting. Since we are all about offering simple and practical strategies to apply to most businesses, I addressed the topic a little differently.

Particular goals require particular action, right actions, to secure or attain them. First, determine which actions you should take by determining your goals – specifically. Defining your goal/s will determine which path to take to accomplish it! NOTE: There may be many paths to the same goal. Be wise, create your path of right actions to suit you!

Of all you current actions, which are the top 3 that deter you from staying on your right path?

Your right path is the one which leads you to the goals you choose to accomplish. If you are a fitness trainer, it may be important for you to know about finances and social media; however, these are only tools for you to have in your backpack to help you traverse your path as a fitness trainer. For example, if you allow social media to become your new path, then your path may become one of social media expert and your hobby would be to do fitness training.

Quality Control Check: Make sure your right actions appropriately support your goals.

Again, this is all about choosing wisely. Your right actions needs to be support your success in whatever manner is most appropriate. Perhaps you aren’t a web designer, but you needs to work with one intimately for a month or two to create a new website to support your business more effectively. Perhaps you need to spend a day or two learning a new software program to become more efficient with some of your tasks which support you along your path.

Which Right Actions Support YOU Best?

Last week I had an appointment with a women who told me she wanted to make $5000 for each speaking event. I suggested she watch a variety of TED Talks at www.ted.com. Her assignment was to study how the presenters are coveying their message. I also told another client to watch TED Talks. She needed to become aware of the plethera of positive and innovative messages now being shared. Both had the same Action Item from me, but how they approached it, to keep them on their specific right path, differed.

Right actions do support your success. Just as the above TED Talks examples, please make sure you understand why you are taking actions so you can choose to take actions which will lead you along the path of your success!

This new year of new beginnings can be filled with great purpose, peace, productivity, and prosperity. 

Please feel free to comment how you are making a clean break for your 2015 new beginnings to be awesome…


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Blessings of Success to YOU ~
Maggie Mongan, Brilliant CEO & Founder
Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc.

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p.s.: One of my big right actions was taken on January 2, 2015. I reached out an asked someone to mentor me. I’ve been wanting to ask him for quite some time and finally did!  Now, I have someone to help me keep my right thoughts and right actions synced up to keep me progressing down my path. I’m deeply appreciating your “yes” Clive!


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  1. I totally agree with you Maggie. Making good choices that keep you moving toward your goal is critical to becoming what you want to be. Figuring out what you consider success for your life and why it is important to you, is essential to your achievement. Starting as early as kindergarten today, schools are giving recognition and incentive throughout the day for students making good choices for behavior and learning. Employers us annual goals to track your achievements and projects done throughout the year. Let’s face it, goals and making choices to stay on the achievement path are must have survival skills.

    Since not everyone finds it easy to look down a very long path to reach your goal, here’s a suggestion many people find helpful. Make your goal into a visual that’s fun. Start by thinking of your journey to your goal as a road trip to a favorite spot. Be sure to envision being at your final destination and how you feel once you reach it. This is why you want to stay on track and an important part to making right choices.

    Let’s say you want to get promoted. Ask yourself, Why the new promotion is really important to you. This is not a “for the money” answer but what in your heart and mind has made this your “whatever it takes” desire. Seeing yourself doing the work in your role and feeling confident that you’re right for the position is a key indicator.

    Determine what knowledge and responsibilities are needed to perform the role. Look at ways you can get that knowledge and show your expertise. A choice may be added skills attained by taking a course, a program, or webinar to learn what’s necessary to arrive at your new destination. Choose the action that is best for your learning style; a short webinar and some extra reading or a course/program that is longer and more structured. Keep the vision of being promoted and doing the new role in your mind to bring your mindset into the new position you will be in. Seeing the success and experiencing the change mentally will not only drive you forward but help you be more successful when you arrive.

    Next, draw a road and your ‘favorite places” to stop. Each “favorite spot” serves as your check point of what’s done, a reward motivator, and a look at what’s next. See if their internal committees that will give you the learning experience and connections that will benefit you. Looking at what positions people in your company were in prior to moving up to this position or a similar level will give you check points to reach.

    Go for it!! Don’t be afraid to consult with the manager or others to let your desire be known and ask for suggestions to get on that path. It’s unfortunate to see people overlooked for a new role because they didn’t let anyone know they wanted it. Equally important, if you know you want that promotion, start planning stepping stones to get there from the minute you determine that’s what you want.

    Claudia Howard
    Founder of Career Role Model Program, Inc.

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