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Better to lead or manage your small business?

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Is your strength to lead or manage your business, team and self?

Better to lead or manage
your small business?

To lead or manage has become a hot topic again in business circles. What do you think, does your small business need you to lead or manage your business to perform best?

Lead or Manage Vision Experiment

Close one eye. Look around. Do you see everything? No.

Did you notice that in order to see the whole room or surroundings you’re in that you have to move your head around more? Sure! You’re trying to visually take in more of the view because you’re not getting the whole picture.

Now open your eye and close your other eye. Did you notice that things aren’t in the same place? It’s as if things have jumped either a little to the left or right. Why did that happen?

It’s been scientifically proven that you have one eye stronger than the other. Thus, you have a dominate eye. Yet, when you open both eyes you view the full picture of your surroundings.

The same is true with your business view. When you practice leading and managing simultaneously you get the full view of your surroundings.

As a Small Business Owner it’s crucial for you to consistently be identifying what is and isn’t needed. You need to know when it’s time to lead or manage – or do both.

Discerning when to Lead or Manage

Here’s short and oversimplified definitions for clarification. Click on the links to learn more about each topic.

Lead: This is all about a vision and the direction you are moving YOUR Business – usually toward your goal.

Manage: Controlling activities and people to assure appropriate performance  – usually indicated by your goal.

Just as your visual performance improves when you see with two eyes, YOUR Business performs better when using leading AND managing.

TIP: Simultaneously use both for effectiveness and efficiency.

How many times do you get a great deal accomplished but you’re not any closer to your goal or destination?

Conversely, how many time do you arrive at your goal ineffectively or by chance?

When you combine leading and managing, you have your tactics aligned with your strategies.

Ancient teachings enlighten us with different words to teach this: Right Thoughts; Right Actions.

Brilliant Breakthroughs Big Question:
Do you have a good balance to simultaneously lead and manage YOUR Business? Go ahead and answer in the comment section.

Please feel free to comment or question about the challenges you have or something else if you’d like me to support YOUR Small Business Success further.


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