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Your To-Do list ultimately shapes your success

Business Coaching by Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc. Illustration of a man looking in the mirror and seeing himself illustrates how YOUR To-Do List Ultimately Shapes YOUR Success
Are you looking at an overwhelming To-Do List? Here’s YOUR 3 Step Solution.

Your To-Do List ultimately shapes your success

Yes, we’re writing about your infamous To-Do List. You know that one list that is never completed. Yep, that’s the one!

An endless TO-Do List doesn’t support YOUR Business Success; it hinders YOUR Success!

So what’s up with everyone getting so into making an endless To-Do List? I believe it’s because we are addicted to “busy”.

It sure seems like everyone is to busy talking about being busy – and enjoy it too! This is sheer insanity. We even have acronyms for this phenomena: FOMO (The Fear Of Missing Out) and now for the balance, JOMO  (The Joy Of Missing Out).

FOMO is about fearing that you’ll be left behind. And this makes sense considering we now have technology in the palm of our hand. What fascinates me much more is JOMO. Essentially people not caring about what they may be missing out on and still experiencing joy while marching to the beat of their own drum. I’m a JOMO girl – I enjoy making my own moments.

Why is all this such an issue? How does it relate to YOUR To-Do List?

Most Small Business Owners (SBOs)  have far too much on their To-Do List to accomplish. It no longer is encouraging and stretching SBOs.

About two decades ago, we spent much more time talking about what we wanted to accomplish and how we would achieve our ambitions. Today SBOs spend more time discussing how they “can’t keep up” or how they are “so far behind”.

What’s even crazier is how SBOs aren’t even acknowledging the progress they are actually making. Is this you?

Let’s get practical with our To-Do List!

Do you have everything on one list? Things like your traditional everyday to-do list stuff mixed in with your special actions to-do list?

We like over-simplification here. So we’ll suggest a couple ways to simplify YOUR Success. Keep your every day action items on a separate list. Don’t weigh down the focus of the day – your special action items.

The quality of what’s on YOUR To-Do List is one of the best indicators of YOUR Business’s Future Performance.

Why? If you schedule onto your calendar, what is most important on you, YOUR Future Success has a better survival rate.

I remember hearing someone once talk about how you can identify a person’s priorities by how they spend their time and their money. Over the years, I’ve come to know this as a deep truth for SBOs.

Thus, YOUR To-Do List dictates YOUR Business’s Success.

What’s your Top 3 Goals for this year?

Does your calendar reflect these goals? Does your To-Do List reflect these goals? If so, congrats! You are well on your way to achieving YOUR Business Success. If not, it’s time for you to simplify! Less is more.


  1. Make a list of your daily To-Do activities.
  2. Next, make a list of your whatever is “On My Mind”.
  3. Last, make a list out of YOUR Business’s Goals.

YOUR Dailys are just that, daily actions. They shouldn’t be mixed into the highly critical or urgent categories. (Begin to think of this list as breathing… is breathing on your list?)

The “On My Mind” list is a mind dumping list. This list frees up your mental space so you can see everything and decide what is most critical and urgent. This guides your week and day’s action items.

The YOUR Business’s Goals List should be the priority. This should be YOUR priority and appear as the dominant items on your To-Do List. Anyone looking at your schedule should be able to tell what’s most important to you because you’re giving more time to it than other items.

We create different lists when we take time to be mindful of what our To-Do List is to support for our long-term success. When we are more mindful of our outcome, we allow ourselves to have Right Thoughts and develop Right Actions to secure our success.

What changes do you need to make today? What about this week and month. If necessary, take the time to reconfigure YOUR To-Do Lists this week. It will be time well spent. The mental clarity you have will be undeniable and will allow for you to step into YOUR Success sooner than imagined. The other great news is that you won’t have to bang your head against the wall as often!

What changes can you make now for YOUR 1st quarter to close more favorably? Feel free to share in the comments section or ask a question.


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