September 12


FOMO can work for and against your business’s success

FOMO (fear of missing out) illustrated by a field of flowers blossoming.
Using FOMO can be powerful. Abusing it? Fatal to YOUR Business’s success!

FOMO can work for and against
your business’s success

FOMO, what is it? It’s an acronym for Fear Of Missing Out. This is a very powerful concept to understand for catapulting your sales revenue and profit margin to further YOUR Business Performance.

YOUR Bottom-line needs you to master the Art of FOMO

Your customers are people. People want what everyone else has, or at least the option to turn it down. Humans are naturally wired like this.

Doubt me? Observe how preschoolers don’t want something until someone else has it. Even at a young age we are functioning from this basic fear of missing out on things.

Learning how to ethically utilize this concept to market and sell your offerings is like placing the appropriate amount of fertilizer on your plants in the garden. Everything blossoms beautifully because you took this one extra step – without adding too much fertilizer.

The key to begin successful at having just the right amount of FOMO in YOUR Copy is making sure you make your offering is relevant and enticing to purchase… limiting the offer in some fashion (scarcity or time sensitive, etc.). Also, remember to include the unique results of other customers.

If you create too much fear of missing out, you’ll be the one who is missing out! Customers can smell if you’re hyping them up just to get a sale. If they sense this, they won’t purchase and you’ll be missing out on the opportunity to serve them your goods.

Remember the Golden Rule applies in marketing: Do onto others as you’d have them do onto you. Treat your potential customers appropriately and they will reward you with sales!

What can you do differently to utilize FOMO more effectively in your copy? Also, in the comment section let me know what topics you’d like for me to write about!


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p.s. Now that you know about FOMO, maybe you need to learn about JOMO 🙂

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