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Improving your sales through better defining Your Ideal Customer Profile

Improving Your sales through
better defining
Your Ideal Customer Profile

Defining YOUR Ideal Customer is Crucial To Business Success. Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc. Business Coaching illustrated with " Know Thy Customer" written on a green chalkboard.
Defining YOUR Ideal Customer is Crucial to Business Success.

YOUR Ideal Customer Profile being defined can make or break YOUR Business’s Success! The Small Business Owners (SBOs) who don’t take the time to do this lose sales all over the place. Let me share how important this is to YOUR Business..

In the past month, I have met with two SBOs. One who has had a business for several years, but hasn’t been able to breakthrough into The Profitable Zone. The other isn’t new to business ownership, but has recently launched a new business.

Tenured SBO’s Frightening Awareness

When I spoke with the tenured SBO, he told me how still after working with another coach for 2 years  there was something missing because there wasn’t profit in the business. Yes, it was very clear to me that there wasn’t well defined Purpose, Vision, and Mission Statements.

More interesting I found that this SBO, who’s service is in marketing, couldn’t definitively answer me when I asked, “Who is YOUR Ideal Customer?”

I bet that was a very frustrating moment of awareness. Just imagine having an unprofitable business for several years and not being able to describe YOUR Ideal Customer – especially when in the marketing field. Guess that’s the big clue why he didn’t have enough customers to serve!

New SBO’s Embracing Action

The other SBO, who has a new business realized she didn’t have a well defined Ideal Customer. When I asked her, “Who is YOUR Ideal Customer?” Some answers were provided. She realized she was lacking the definition needed to attract.

She was savvy enough to understand the power of defining YOUR Ideal Customer, but hadn’t been able to get dialed in on it yet. That’s where we began our conversation.

Within days, she was able to do an initial exercise to explore what she was initially thinking. She had some defining answers as she filled in her first step in the Who is YOUR Ideal Customer Discovery Process. Additionally, she said some of it was difficult to answer. Difficult because we don’t typically think of things in the manner. She stayed with it and she’s off to a great start!

The Power of Defining YOUR Ideal Customer Profile

Everyone needs more work on this. This is one of the key elements to claiming YOUR Niche in YOUR Marketplace. This matters.

Once you can clearly define the details of YOUR Ideal Customer Profile, you have your copy to attract them. You don’t have to worry about coming up with intriguing ads for them, you already know the phrases and their hot buttons.

You even know where they hang out, their struggles, and what they still want out of life. Now that they’re well defined by you, you can begin to attract them and serve them with your solution.

Slowing down to well define YOUR Ideal Customer will significantly accelerate YOUR Business Success. This provides you great direction to take Right Actions without wasting more of your valuable time. This deserves your time now.

Do you have a well defined  profile of YOUR Ideal Customer yet? What part are giving you some difficulty? Let me know and I’ll write about it!


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p.s. Defining YOUR Ideal Customer is one of YOUR Business’s Foundational exercises which will support you well over the years. Give it the time it deserves.

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