September 22


Effort Matters – Here’s how it creates momentum

Effort matters depicted by silhouette of man standing on pier looking across the water.
YOUR Effort Matters – Make Momentum Happen Now!

Effort Matters – Are you ready to gain
momentum for YOUR Business?

Effort matters if you want to accomplish your business’s goals. Effort matters if you are seeking to gain different results or if you want to make your life easier by gaining momentum. Simply stated, your effort matters because if you keep showing up, you will build momentum. Momentum can build empires.

The above quote, by Tagore, reveals the truth of how effort matters; if you don’t move into action, it all doesn’t matter! Too often we think of things and get busy telling people all about our ideas that live in our heads. Instead, we should get busy taking right actions to actualize our ideas. Has that ever happened to you?

When I was an executive recruiter there was a colleague who also said, “Hey, even a blind pig gets a nut once in a while.” He was right! You can get some result, but is it the result you seek? If not, perhaps moving into right actions to support your goal are what you’ve been missing.

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”
~Mark Twain

The Laws of Physics explain that if you have enough effort and created some momentum, something will happen. But why settle for something? Why not have the momentum be in the direction you prefer? Stop fighting natural laws and start working with them.

I’ve always found that the precise moment I actually start working on a project, it immediately gets easier to complete. Have you ever experienced this before? It’s fascinating to me! It validates the quote, “Momentum demands movement.”~ Anon

Today’s Action Item so YOUR Efforts Matter:

What’s the one project you need to make happen ASAP?

Immediately reserve the first hour opening you have on your calendar for this project. 

Don’t allow anyone or anything to disrupt your appointment to start this project during your scheduled time. 

Please feel free to comment or ask questions about what snags you from progressing to accomplish YOUR Business Goals… or anything else you’d like to know!


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p.s. YOUR Business is waiting for you to give it the lift it needs. Where is your coach, mentor, or trusted adviser? Engage them. Their efforts matter much more than you realize in helping you accomplish your goals.


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