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Goal Setting Strength Creates Better Benefits

Goal Benefits

Do you know how goals support your success?
What makes goals so beneficial?
Do you know what you REALLY want?

Why is creating a goal beneficial to your success?

We create a goals to gain something. Hopefully it’s to make improvement… unless you are into evil world domination that is! But even then, if you develop a goal well, it may be accomplished too – yikes!

So what does improvement look like to you? Most people think that being rich and happy all the time is a goal. In one aspect it is, but there’s more to goals then making a broad statement like that… one reason is that it’s really hard to measure “rich and happy” (Next week I will write about how to measure goal progress. So there’s a clue for us: goal setting helps you specifically move toward something that isn’t your current reality.)

What do you really want to actualize in your life?

What do I mean by actualize? For over-simplification purposes, just think of it in this regard: what it is your are actually creating as your new reality or that your goal actually exists. This understanding will work for this part of our task today. We can start with everyone saying happiness. Yet, the truth starts to reveal itself when you describe what makes YOU happy. To one person happiness could be living in the city, while to another person country life is more favorable. OK, now we are starting to get closer to the benefits of creating a goal to live in one place or another. Let’s dive just a little deeper here… The next question is, “Why does this particular location may me happy?” The answers begin to become more personal at this level. This is where we begin to zero in on the benefits or outcomes you are seeking to actualize.

What makes outcomes worth making “change” happen in your life?

Wow, now we are starting to get into the truth of what you really want: the country or city life? Do you want access to all sorts of activities and events or do you want to spend more time in nature than buildings? What brings you more joy? What makes you have a little smile on your face? What makes you feel like you are the “Master of YOUR Domain”? Oooops, that sounds like world domination again 🙂 NOTE: The benefit will be very unique to you.

Success Support from Goals

Now that you are in the groove of understanding what you want to actualize. Let’s take it another level deeper. Let’s say you have a goal to make $100,000 for your annual income.  (I will share with you that I call this an “artificial goal” because it is what we have been programmed to perceive by society as successful and it may not have any personal inspiration for you – maybe your real goal is $88,000 or $104,000. These may be more authentic goals to you because there is a reason or purpose regarding why these numbers would be your goal.)

So back to the $100,000… what are some of the outcomes this amount of income could create? I’ll share some common answers I hear: capability to travel, go to college, be debt-free, start a business, become a volunteer, buy a home, have a spouse quit their grueling job, take a vacation, get a new wardrobe, refinish your home, create inheritance, put another through college, or even become a philanthropist. Now these statements are undeniably personal, aren’t they? Such answers as these are the real outcome or benefit of the goals you set. Whatever your personal reason is to these answers – these are your personal drivers (or personal visions of success) … to improve upon something 🙂

Creating a new reality for yourself is possible. Yes, it can begin today if you take the time to develop good goals and the appropriate actions to move you toward fulfilling your goal/s. It’s often best to not do it alone. Find someone who has a similar goal or an accountability buddy to cheer you on when you are moving toward your goal or gently guide you back on track again. (Tip: there’s always safety in numbers when you are in uncharted territory!)

Benefits of a Strong Goal
Benefits of a Strong Goal

Remember: YOUR Goals should be attainable and inspiring to YOU! Click on this sentence to read some more about developing good goals.  Once you have a couple of things which are making you smile, write them down and review them daily. Allow this review to help you choose successful actions for daily success! Remember, if you are motivated by them, you are more likely to achieve them 🙂

Goals are our topic for January’s Monday posts:

Our Monday posts during the month of January will also address, the purpose of goals, the basics of developing solid goals, the benefit of goals, and measuring results of your goals. If you stay with our Monday posts this month, you will be all set to develop any goals – in a good way to support your success!

Your Business Rescue Coach wants to know: what is your inspiration to actualizing one of your goals this year? Please share so we can learn from each others best practices 🙂


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Blessings of Success to YOU ~
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  1. Okay, great blog as usual, But $100,000 annual income doesn’t go very far these days…just FYI. Although from someone who’s making $45,000 a year, it seems like a fortune.

    Aim higher!

    1. Yes you are correct about aiming high 🙂 And remember the topic of the blog… to someone who is making $12,000 annually $100,000 will seem like a million AND possibly seem unattainable to them. Thus, you really need to make sure it’s a goal that is personally gratifying to your own-self versus another. And then of course, we always add the awesome stretch factor to goal making 🙂

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