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3 Phases of Preparing for Small Business Success (revision)

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Preparing for Success can be completed in 3 simple phases. Learn how.

Preparing for Small Business Success:
Only a 3 Phase Strategy Required

Preparing for success isn’t common. Crazy isn’t it?

Matter in fact, this is one of the key areas I consistently see Small Business Owners (SBOs) giving their Business’s Performance the Kiss of Death.

This is such an important topic that I’ve revised our original post from 2013 regarding this topic!

When you review your calendar, do you see preparation time built into your schedule?

  • Are you making time to prepare for success?
  • Do you notice how others look when they come unprepared – are you one of them?
  • Are you constantly supporting yourself to be successful?

This is an important conversation with a rather simple solution. I’ll share the solution with you in a moment.

First I’d like to discuss how planning and preparation are two different actions.

We love over-simplifying certain points. For the sake of this conversation, this is a great way to consider these two activities. Planning is the mental exercise to gain clarity of what needs to be done. Preparing could be a mental exercise; however, most often it involves taking action to gather all necessary resources.

Preparing for Success is a Business Strategy

Let’s see if you are a good strategist.

Do you agree with the following statement? To support Small Business Success, it’s essential to master “Planning before preparation, before performance, and before success.”

I have worked with oodles of clients on this topic and experiment on this for my own performance. I admit I’m not 100% consistent with this, but those inconsistent moments fortify the findings I’m about to share!

Preparing for success creates high impact when done in 3 phases. It provides clarity and avoids the last minute rush of have everything completed moments before performance time.

3 Phases of Preparing for Small Business Success

  1. Once the project is known: make a timeline of which actions need to be completed, the necessary resources,  and whatever else you know as critical for this project’s success. It’s ideal to do this before you start your project.
  2. Make an appointment with yourself to coordinate: (1)  timelines and (2) all necessary resources (people, places, things, finances) to take appropriate actions.
  3. 2-3 days prior to the performance: make another appointment with yourself (and/or team) to assure you’ve been effectively preparing for success. Identify any gaps still needing attention. Address gaps immediately.

 YOUR Action Items for Preparing for Success

  1. Pick on a project you must complete.
  2. Follow the 3 Phases of Preparing for Small Business Success.
  3. Click on the planning and preparations links (earlier in this post) for some further assistance.

TIP: Set the date for all the coordination activities to be completed earlier than you need – in case there’s last minute hiccups.

NOTE: Very quickly you will see how preparing for success is actually quite practical and tactical. This helps you get a myriad of things out of your head and into a process to assure you show up in a favorable fashion.

*Remember: A little practice goes a long way! Practice this with a new or big project. Practice the 3 Phases of Preparing for Small Business Success. Evaluate how successful your project is progressing. I imagine you will find there isn’t as much chaos and that timelines are being met. As always, have some fun playing with this!

Please feel free to leave comments or questions for us regarding this topic. We’ll be happy to support you activating this business strategy into YOUR Business!


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p.s. Get busy focusing on how to prepare better for what you do. YOUR Purpose Matters!

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