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Are Busy Business Owners successfully keeping commitments?

Are Busy Business Owners
successfully keeping commitments?

Business Coaching by BrilliantBreakthroughs.com Busy Business Owners success illustrated by a bees crawling all over their hive.
Busy Business Owners mastering their success via scheduling savvy.

Busy Business Owners are everywhere. They’re even more common than successful Business Owners! Are you a Busy Business Owner or a Successful Business Owner?

Busy Business Owners tend to make commitments and break them more often than not.  Conversely, successful Business Owners make commitments and keep them with few exceptions.

When was the last time you broke a commitment? Was it unique circumstances or the norm?

Life happens and schedules change – all day long. Sometimes things need to be renegotiated or rescheduled. That’s all fine and dandy.

But when a Business Owner is continuously late or constantly rescheduling their appointments, there may be a prioritizing issue needing attention.

A couple of years ago I had a client who was habitually late. It was bad. He was losing business and respect within his industry.

Once I shared with him that an appointment or deadline is a commitment or promise, he stopped his bad habit. He swiftly changed his approach from thinking he was too busy to keeping his promises in spite of all obstacles.

It was a personal challenge and he overcame it with persistence. Now he can manage his schedule because he’s keeping up with his commitments instead of chasing his tail. And his business is growing again.

Listen up! There’s another type of Business Owner: The successful and busy Business Owner.

Successful people usually have mastered their productivity levels. Often they are involved in many different organizations and have multiple roles. They can do this effectively because they aren’t chasing their tails. They have their goals and milestones and know how to keep moving in a favorable direction to achieve all.

Successful and busy Business Owners are the people who we can rely on to get things accomplished. Their business is thriving because they understand managing priorities. When something wonky happens with their schedule they own it and quickly make adjustments. This is easily pardoned by others because it’s an exception, not the norm.

Busy Business Owners come in many shapes and sizes. Share what you’re struggling with and I’ll write about it. 


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