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Getting the right appointments with the right people

Right appointments illustrated by Kermit the frog holding an old style phone.
Don’t Settle! Get the right appointments before it doesn’t matter!

Getting the right appointments
with the right people
to catapult your business

Do you know how to make the right appointments?
Are you looking for more business?

Do you have trouble reaching the right people?

Good business connections depend upon you getting the right appointments with the right people. There’s plenty of people out there, I’m sure you have plenty of business cards, BUT do you have the right connections? The right connections have a direct impact upon YOUR Business’s Success.

If you’re like most Small Business Owners (SBOs) the answer is “No, I don’t have the right connections”. For over a decade I’ve seen SBOs settle for making less than stellar connections and then trying to make something happen where it isn’t going to happen – no matter what! Heck, I’ve even done this from time to time over the years.

Why SBOs aren’t getting the right appointments

Simply stated, this is a phenomena about “settling”. For some reason, some SBOs would rather spend their time courting the wrong people to do business with them than approaching the right people in the first place.

Is this because some SBOs don’t know how to get the right appointments? Perhaps it’s a fear of rejection – or success? Is it the lack of confidence to approach the right person? Maybe it is because many SBOs can’t fully define their Ideal Customer.

Regardless of the reason, this is a critical business skill for all SBOs to learn!

When I was an executive recruiter I learned how to do this very well. My livelihood depended on me averaging 100 calls a day. They were people I didn’t know until I spoke to them. Some were the right people, while most were helping me get to the right people to make those right appointments. It was the ultimate super-sleuthing job. Mastering this one skill ultimately changed my success rate.

NOTE: Getting the right appointments shouldn’t be confused with closing a sale.

I’ve heard several SBOs overtime reveal they thought getting the right appointments (or cold calling) is the same as selling to an unknown person and closing the sale on the phone. It is not the same.

Getting the right appointments is paramount to meeting the right people. If they are “the right people”,  mostly likely they’re who you’ll end up presenting an opportunity to in the near future.

Business Resource Tip:

If you want to learn how to make the cold call or get the right appointments with the right people, Paul Neubeger, The Cold Call Coach, is the master you want to teach you. He’s practical, he teaches the strategy, psychology, and tactics of this critical business success skill.

Where will Paul be training next? Sept. 30, 2016 at Wisconsin Business Owners, Milwaukee Area. If you can’t make that date, he sells a Training DVD on his site. (Note: I’m not receiving any compensation for sharing this. I simply want to share this excellent resource for a critical business success skill.)

REMEMBER: Love YOUR Business enough to quite chasing the wrong people to boost your sales. Learn and master this to assure your sales will catapult!

What’s holding you back from boosting YOUR Sales? Please comment section let me know what topics you’d like for me to write about!


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