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Successfully enjoy serving the customers you love

Enjoy Serving Your Customers? Illustrated by a military chef rearranging pie servings in a serving rack.
Do you enjoy serving YOUR Business’s Customers?

Enjoy serving the customers you love –
Come on Business Owners, you can do it!

Enjoy serving the customers you love sounds pretty basic for Business Owners, doesn’t it? In most cases it is. Yet very few Business Owners take the time to really dive into the impact this has on their Business Performance.

One of the most efficient topics to discuss for improving YOUR Business’s Performance is (1) what are you serving up to YOUR Customers, (2) who are YOUR Customers, (3) and do you enjoy serving YOUR Customers?

Doesn’t it sound simple at first? It is until you deep dive into it. Once you begin asking questions like, “Am I serving the people I love serving?” you know you’re in a deep discovery.  Are you serving the right people? If not, maybe it’s time to switch things up!

Do you still enjoy serving the customers you love?

  1. Have you forgotten how to enjoy serving them?
  2. Has it become a chore to serve your customers?
  3. Are you serving from a place of joy or toil and obligation?
  4. Do you remember why you chose your customers in the first place?
  5. Do you feel all jazzed up after you served them?

The answers to these questions reveal if you need to change YOUR Business’s Ideal Customer or not. Now add these to the equation:

  • Who do you love engaging in conversations with throughout the day?
  • Do these folks have a common element which may be missing from who you are currently serving?
  • Or is it you and/or your offering? Is it/you stale? Do you need to switch it up a bit?

Whatever the case is, don’t be afraid to try different things to assure you enjoy serving the customer you love serving. Why does this matter? The level of service you provide will drastically improve if you enjoy serving your customer and enjoy the time you spend with them.

This isn’t rocket science Business Owners. If you like what you’re doing and who you’re doing it with – most likely you’ll do it better. Thus, everyone will enjoy it more!

Are you working with the right customers? Do you need to tweak your offering, yourself, of YOUR Ideal Customer? Please share in the comment section.


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  1. This is good to think about! If people don’t “get” what I do, then I’m either not communicating it correctly or I’m not attracting properly. After describing that I use photography to help express a business or personal Brand at a networking event, a woman came up to me and asked if I photograph babies! Wow, I thought, did I mis-communicate or did this woman get stuck on the word “Photography” and stop listening? It made me think about how I communicate with potential customers. You can’t help someone if you can’t explain what you do. Now, I’m seriously thinking about changing my visuals to better Brand and Express myself! I can’t serve the customers I love if I’m not attracting them!

    1. Stacy, you are spot on with thinking about if it’s a miscommunication on an audience’s part or yours. When we present we must always remember that some people in the audience may not be who are Ideal Customers are. I like working with visuals when I present to keep the audience’s wondering mind, right where I want them… to focus on what I’m talking about. Keep this in mind- it may or may not be your message when presenting. However, if other people, who are your audience aren’t getting it, maybe you aren’t communicating is appropriately for them to see value OR you’re close to YOUR Ideal Customer, but not a bulls-eye just yet. Good job for realizing you still need to work it on your end! Reach out if you need more help 🙂

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