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The Pursuit of Happiness and Successful Business Ownership

The Pursuit of Happiness for Business Owners by BrilliantBreakthroughs.com. Illustrated by collage of images of: Declaration of Independence, The American Flag, and a staircase for upward mobility.
Business Owners: How is YOUR Pursuit of Happiness progressing? Live YOUR Dream!

The Pursuit of Happiness and
Successful Business Ownership

The “pursuit of happiness” is a controversial phrase in The Declaration of Independence of the United States of America. Back when this defining document was written, happiness had a different meaning than our hedonistic pleasure seeking contemporary meaning. In the 1700s happiness was a concept that today we would call luck or chance. Nothing says independence stronger than one having the opportunity to secure their finances on their own terms.

What does the pursuit of happiness have to do
with successful business ownership?

Back then, early Americans were still fighting for their opportunity to create a life of liberty and freedom. The pursuit of happiness was an essential part of this. Why? Luck and chance supported creating a new life or way of being.  Sounds similar to entrepreneurship or dreaming big and creating a successful business, doesn’t it?

Over 200 years after this document was created, Business Owners who pursue this happiness to have a life filled with liberty, are still on track with the original intention of this concept. Although it’s hard to deny that some Business Owners are caught up in the glitz and glamour of the gains entrepreneurship offers, other Business Owners are still interested in the pursuit of happiness and all that it provides humanity.

Before I forget: Happy Canada Day today to all my Canadian readers!

Successful Business Ownership and
“The Pursuit of Happiness”
go hand in hand

The pursuit of happiness via Successful Business Ownership is one of the best ways to express YOUR  pursuit of happiness. Earlier this week I wrote about the many hats Business Owners wear. If you haven’t read it yet, gift yourself this opportunity now. (Click here for Wearing the many hats of Business Owners doesn’t need to be exhausting.) Indeed, this particular pursuit is filled with hard work as well as happiness!

My followers know that I am a B-I-G proponent of working diligently and then playing it up. Here’e something to do before you take a long vacation this weekend or upon your return. Earlier this week I wrote a very important and timely read and task for you to do. Click on this article: How to Review YOUR Business Performance for the first half of this year. Apply what is stated and set your course to have a stronger second half of this year.

Business Owners who prefer to have a great year need to know where they’ve been so they can plan out where they are going for the balance of this year. Profitable years usually don’t just happen. Great years typically involve strategy and execution of favorable strategies. Gift yourself this over-simplified performance review to assure your pursuit of happiness is on track for the rest of this year!

Curious what  America’s Declaration of Independence really says?
Read it here: Declaration of Independence, 1776.
Have fun and be safe this weekend.
Happy Independence Day America!

What enthuses you about YOUR Pursuit of Happiness? Share your answer in the comment section and I’ll reply.


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