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Wearing the many hats of business owners doesn’t need to be exhausting

Business Owners wearing too many hats doesn't need to be. Illustrated by a bunch of different colored and types of hats on a stand.
Business Owners wearing too many hats doesn’t need to be. Here’s a solution.

Wearing the many hats of business owners
doesn’t need to be exhausting

“Many hats” is a common phrase when addressing Business Owners. Yet, out of all the offices and workspaces I’ve been in, I’ve never seen many hats laying around! We all know this impacts YOUR Business Performance, but why can’t it be more positive? I have a solution for you.

Many hats references the fact that Small Business Owners must conduct many activities within their business. With all the right-sizing that Corporate America has done of the past 20 years, I believe they could learn something from Small Business Owners. How’s that for a twist? It’s true. A majority of Small Business Owners have learned to adapt and performance great tasks with minimal resources.

Yet, Business Owners don’t always benefit from wearing ALL the hats. Yes this is true too. Business Owners, who take on too much, spread themselves thin. They are at the greatest risk of having their business falter. In my practice I see this happen too often. Business Owners call me with great desperation to “rescue” their business. Unfortunately most of them call far too late. The lesson? Don’t wait to get the help you need – WHEN you first notice you need it.

One action which would prevent faltering business performance:
outsource your greatest weakness.

The decision to do this could make YOUR Business much more profitable. What are you talking about Coach? I agree, if you only see this as an expense it doesn’t serve you. You need to approach this as a give-and-take decision.

If you invest in hiring a professional to do a particular task, it frees you up to gain and serve more customers. Thus you offset the expense of hiring the pro to help you. Additionally, you aren’t as frustrated because  you are doing what you’re an expert at versus the supporting activities that make you struggle.

Isn’t this great news? Business Owners no longer have the be the martyrs of their business!

Productivity Tool for Business Owners

Even if you have admin support, this app is a great to minimize distractions: Unroll.me.  This free app helps you organize your inbox. I introduced unroll.me in the article: Immediately gain control of your inbox and sanity. Unroll.me is a great tool- like a virtual assistant (without the pay) that does what you tell it to do – unsubscribe, hide until you want to see certain ads, newsletters, etc., or keep in your inbox for you to access immediately.

NOTE: unroll.me is a great tool to keep you focused on what matters. Remember if you have multiple addresses going into one inbox, you might want to do it for each address. My solutions was to unsubscribe from some of those subscriptions and resubscribe with the one email address I’m utilizing unroll.me for to minimize my distractions throughout the workday. (FYI: There is no compensation or benefit from unroll.me. I’m just sharing a great tool.)

Business Owners: Many hats, especially the ones you don’t like wearing, don’t need to be worn by you. Instead of many hats – just wear the best fitting hats! Be a responsible Business Owner and allow others to wear some of your hats so you can spend more of your time practicing and perfecting YOUR Expertise. YOUR passion wants you serving more. YOUR Business needs you serving more. The world definitely needs you serving more.

Which of the many hats, you currently wear, do you want to release immediately? Share your answer in the comment section and I’ll reply.


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