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Immediately gain control of your inbox and sanity

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Gain control of your email before it’s out of control!

Immediately gain control
of your inbox before
you can’t!

Do you know how to gain control of your inbox? Most people don’t at all. I admit it can be pretty difficult with so many communications flying through the air these days. Curious how this impacts YOUR Business’s Performance and Success? It does – in a BIG and unfavorable way.

Last week I wrote an article about the importance of routinely stepping away from work and becoming refreshed. (Click here to read: Vacation Planning is important for Business Owners.) One of the comments of that blogpost had agreed with the premise and posed the question: What do you do with the piles of emails that collect while gone? AKA: How to gain control of your inbox.

Why does inbox management matter?

This question is important for Business Owners. Why? If you can’t gain control of your inbox, you might not be in control of other areas of your business as well. Inboxes are about organization and boundaries. I’m sure you understand the organizational comment, but the boundaries statement might surprise you a bit.

Boundaries help support successful self-management via putting limits on people, topics, time, or accessibility. Inboxes are our of control for most Business Owners. Why? They don’t know how to say “No!” They also don’t have self control to continuously clear out their inboxes.

Also, all those communications are addicting. Doubt me? How many times are you in your inbox throughout the day? Here’s a worse one, busy inboxes help boost our confidence. Don’t you feel important when you get an email. Sure!

3 Tips to Gain Control of YOUR Inbox

  1. Unsubscribe from whatever isn’t critical to your success. You know where you can find any of that material. Search engines are our friends. Here’s a great tool to help you keep your inbox clean: Unroll.me.
  2. Don’t look at your inbox first thing in the morning. Instead, dive into your most important project for the day. I assure you productivity levels will immediately increase if you do this each day. Productivity research reveals this to be a universal truth.
  3.  Assure your inbox isn’t holding stale mail for more than a month. Do a clean sweep monthly.

NOTE: I remember hearing Brendon Burchard say something similar to this, “Your inbox is a place that’s dictating priorities of what other people think is important – not you. It’s time to take back YOUR inbox.” I found this wisdom-sharing as excellent guidance. Only you can make your inbox manageable!

Remember, YOUR inbox is yours! Clean it out often and gain control and your sanity. You’ll be glad you did.

What one thing could you do to gain control of your inbox this week? Comments are welcomed. I will reply.


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p.s. Just like any other goal. Take on one new habit to gain control of your inbox one at a time. Make your progress routine and consistent.

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  1. Love the tip on unroll me site — signed up and canceled 5 subscriptions. I’m using Michael Hyatt’s tip of
    S.T.A.R.T. = Schedule The Action Required Today
    break out 3 things you must do that day instead of being overwhelmed with the whole project. Too many things on your to do list keeps you from focusing on the important things. Great post

    1. Wow, I’m really tight on not signing up for subscription type things- I unsubscribed from 37 and rolled-up over 80 different things- including social media sites Glad you like this great tool! Hyatt’s right! I’ve been writing and sharing this with clients… just pick 3 and complete them. Then proceed from there. It is a requirement of for Business Owners to become experts at prioritizing.

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