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Vacation Planning is important for Business Owners

Vacation planning is important for Business Owners. Ilustrated by a family horseback riding on two horses at sunset on a beach.
Improve your Business’s Performance by starting your vacation planning now!

Vacation Planning is important
for Business Owners

Vacation Planning can mean many things. Let’s start with the basics. It implies you removing yourself from your workplace. Yikes! Sounds strange doesn’t it or are you ready to get some relief? Research reveals that taking a vacation improves YOUR Business Performance.

Yes, it’s true. Vacations improves YOUR and YOUR Business Performance. This is one of those weird and counter-intuitive concepts. Is has everything to do with your human capacity.

Do you notice how it helps your computer run more efficiently when you update and/or defrag? It needs a little time out to get clear how to optimize its performance. Do you notice how it functions better when you reboot your computer? We are like this too! We need tweaks and downtime to sort out things. Hold on, don’t jump to your vacation planning activities just yet!

Vacation Planning and the Law of Diminishing Returns

There is a Universal Law named “The Law of Diminishing Returns”. This has everything to do with you and YOUR Business Success. The Law of Diminishing Returns states: When you reach a certain point when working on something, there comes a moment where you are not gaining the value of the effort you are putting into it. The gain of your work begins to diminish. Thus, you have diminishing returns.

Why does this matter to you and YOUR Business?

Everyone, including you, needs down time. If we don’t get enough downtime, we are working at less than our full capacity. We aren’t functioning at our best! Humans need breaks, time-outs, and vacations. This means you.

Vacation Planning improves Business Owners’ Performance

You need a break. If you haven’t yet, start planning a summertime vacation. Does it matter if it’s a long weekend or a full week? Who cares – just be gone! There are many things you can visit locally. You don’t need to spend significant money to give yourself a break from work. You just need to do it.

When you leave your normal routine a different part of your mind must work. Once this occurs you’re able to give those overworked parts of your mind a break. And boy does it ever need the time-out! FYI: This is why daily mediation is highly effective.

Give Yourself and YOUR Business a Fun Boost Immediately!

Vacation planning is the beginning of the relief. When we plan vacations we automatically start envisioning a different reality. Thus vacation planning it’s the beginning of relaxing our mind. Could you use a some of this relief right now? I promise you that when you come back you will be refreshed – more efficient and effective.

There’s only 10 weeks of summertime fun left. Why not start your summertime vacation planning this week? Remember: This will improve your performance and your business’s profitability.

What’s preventing you from improving YOUR Business’s Bottom-line? Comment and I will reply.


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p.s. Applying new techniques can make or break YOUR Business. Try vacation planning. Go on vacation and come back refreshed.

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  1. I agree with this post wholeheartedly!

    Getting away and breaking your routine gives your mind a chance to reboot. When you return, you can see things from a fresh perspective.

    Now, is there a way to eliminate or prevent the dreaded e-mail pile that always happens?

    Great and important post!

    1. Thanks! And yes, there is a way to minimize e-mail onslaught! The number one thing which will help you tremendously… UNSUBSCRIBE yourself from all that stuff that keeps coming to your inbox. If you need it, you can go get it! Remember: Your inbox is yours- not someone else’s space for them to fill-up. What else are you allowing to breed in your space that isn’t serving you? Eradicate these now!

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