September 18


Down-time Always Improves Your Performance

Down-time depicted through an image of 2 chairs on the shore with starry clouds all around.
Down-time: The stuff dreams are made of through pondering

Down-time… we mere humans need it!

Down-time improving your performance isn’t a new concept for regular followers here. About 5 or 6 times a year I post about the importance of us remembering this. It serves us well when we take this seriously. Yes, that means taking action to make it a reality for you and/or your team.

Down-time technique: Pondering

There’s many down-time techniques: yoga, painting, gardening, meditating, walking, bicycling, be-ing, etc. Today I want to share one of the easiest things you can do to get some quick and anywhere down-time relief. Pondering. You’ve already done this at least once already!

Pondering happens when we slow down. When you take a pause gently looking or observing something. Analyzing it doesn’t work – it activates the brain. The real benefit is when we stay in relationship with it AND we be with it. Have you ever observed a flower, the sky, or listened to the leaves rustling as the wind blows? What about the waves lapping up against a shoreline?

When we can slow down enough to be in relationship with something, we are quieting our minds. Our mind needs more breaks than we realize and offer it. When we are in our down-time our brainwaves alter. We begin to be de-stressed and our mind opens up as our breathing slows down. This is a good thing and great place to be.

Down-time Pondering Action Item:

  1. Find a cloud, flower, tree, plant, galaxy, etc. to be still with. Something you don’t need to manage at all (that’s why pets aren’t the best- especially if you are new to this).
  2. Clear your mind.
  3. Gaze upon your focal point.
  4. Gently observe and be with it.
  5. Exhale gently and slowly to release your build up.
  6. Stay here as long as you are able.
  7. Repeat often throughout the day. Even when you don’t think you need to any more.

There’s all sorts of ways for you to take pauses and/or productive pauses. The unexpected results are simply mind-blowing! This is the purpose of down-time. It frees your mind up to get out of the neuro-pathways it frequently travels. It moves you beyond your common mental processing. Down-time will also de-stress you so you are physically performing better too! What do you have to lose? Give it a try and be ready for some expected results. If you practice down-time and pondering regularly, you will find yourself feeling more at peace and become more creative. That’s always a win-win. Happy Pondering!

Please feel free to comment about how down-time has served you and your business well. See the p.s. below for mine…


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p.s. I do a great deal of pondering. It’s quick, easy, and free. When I get stuck on something, I stop and do this favorite down-time technique. I’ll ponder just about anything. Then I get back to work again and I’m ready to go another round.


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