October 5


Fresh Perspective Technique for Business Success

Fresh Perspective... using what is infront of you to improve your business depicted by Waikiki's shoreline.
Fresh Perspective of YOUR Business can Change Everything!

A Fresh Perspective of YOUR Business supports
YOU and YOUR Business’s Success

What is a fresh perspective?
Why do you need a fresh perceptive now?
How can it change in YOUR Business?

A month ago I was preparing for a trip to Hawaii. I went for business and had some downtime. Other than what I did for business I took a grand “time out” to improve my business’s performance. Funny: Everyone thought it was wonderful because I was going to “paradise”. And yet it was so much more. Instead it was a homecoming for me –  when I first married my husband we were stationed in Hawaii for 3 years. With this trip, we returned 33 years later from when we first landed on the island.

This homecoming was just like any other if you have been away for a long time. Things were familiar, you could have a bearing with the familiar; yet, things were quite different! The island had grown considerably. Honolulu is now the 12th largest metropolitan in the USA. We lived downtown for half our stay and it wasn’t built up as much as it now. I intended this trip to give me a fresh perspective of the island. It did.

What is a fresh perspective?
12 & 3 o’clock technique

This is one of my favorite things to teach clients. Typically when we see or consider something we tend to consider it from the same stance.  I call this “looking at something from 12 o’clock”. You know what you’re looking at and how you are going to interface with it.

But what if you moved your position from 12 to 3 o’clock? What would you see then? If it’s a person you would start by seeing the front of their face and body straight on. If you  saw them from 3 o’clock you would see a profile of them. Their profile is a very different perspective of who they are. You notice different things about them. There hair looks different from this side view. All the sudden you are spending time looking at their ear, the slant of their nose, and the shape of their cheekbones.

It’s the same person, but they look completely different. This is a fresh perspective on the exact same person. Imagine if you did this with your business…

YOUR Business needs you to gain a fresh perspective of it!

Why do you need a fresh perspective for your business? Think of the above 12 o’clock-3 o’clock technique. Looking at something differently allows you to see the whole of it differently. It provides a fuller picture of what is in front of you.

As Business Owners, we need to keep jumping back and forth between these two stance to make sure we are seeing what we need to see as well as what others might be seeing. Most likely one of your favorite artists has a similar technique, colors, or themes they work with and you can identify their work from these familiars. But what happens when it is revealed that they were a child prisoner in a war? All the sudden we look at their creations differently. And guess what? We experience all their work with a fresh perspective and it becomes of greater value.

How can a fresh perspective change YOUR Business?

You see more when you look at something with fresh eyes or another angle. You can look at it from how your customers see something instead of only seeing it they way you see it. You can consider how to better serve your team and customers. You begin to allow your mind to process differently because now you are looking for possibilities of something new and fresh.

Oversimplified, you become more aware. With this new found wisdom, I encourage you to become a tinker and go back to the drawing board to create better widgets and customer experiences to grow YOUR Business.

This is what I did in Hawaii. I looked at the changes. I looked at the similarities I recalled. I studied a different setting of nature to see what would inspire me to create differently. I will be implementing these changes from now through winter. Mother Nature inspired me wonderfully. Hopefully you too will find something to inspire a fresh perspective of YOUR Business and allow your metamorphosis to occur!

Please feel free to comment or ask questions on anything your’d like to help you accomplish YOUR Business Goals…


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