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Winning Olympic Medals and Business Success

Winning Olympic Medals illustrated by the Olympic rings with Olympians, in action, scattered about the 5 Olympians Rings.
Winning Olympic Medals and Business Success are more similar than you make think!

Winning Olympic Medals
and Business Success

Winning Olympic Medals isn’t a small accomplishment, nor is creating and supporting a successful business. Both situations demand optimal performance, which dictates how the rest of your life is experienced.

The 2016 Summer Olympic games officially open tonight. Tonight the world comes together to celebrate possibilities of excellence. We honor those who have dedicated a majority of their life to winning Olympic Medals. The Opening Ceremony is filled with hope and inspiration. It’s as if the hopefulness oozes right out of the TV and into our living rooms.

Imagine saying, “My job is to win an Olympic Medal.” Wow, as I typed that it struck me deeply. What an exceptional calling of dedication!

Business Success and Business Medals

In business winning medals might look like a Gold Medal equating to a Billion Dollar Business, a Silver Medal equivalent to a Million Dollar Business, and Bronze Medal acknowledgment of the Quarter Million Dollar Business. Additionally, all Business Olympians who get invited to compete because of their Six-figure Dollar Businesses.

Until today I never saw these levels of Business Success aligning with winning Olympic Medals.

The Olympic Games this year have many additional challenges to them. The Olympians are asked to stay focused and perform at optimal levels in spite of the Game’s challenges. This is the time to shine for each of those hard and endless days of training.

YOUR Business’s 2016 Success Level

YOUR Business Success requires you to do what is necessary to grow YOUR Business. Generating more sales to serve your customers is crucial. This requires diligence, just like the Olympians training. At the end of the year, your CPA reviews YOUR Business’s Yearly Performance. It’s similar to being honored at the Olympics. Will you win a bronze, silver, or gold Business Medal?

OK, perhaps just becoming a contender is a great accomplishment for this year. That’s fine! Perhaps you don’t qualify yet this year. There’s always 2017.

TIP: Become as dedicated as the Olympians are to their training and YOUR Business will flourish.

Isn’t that cool? Take some time to watch the excellence of performance during these Olympic Games and allow this to inspire you. Observe the Olympians with their sole focus and determination to perform their best. Pick one to be your role model for the rest of the year. Then get busy winning Olympic Medals for YOUR Business!

Which of the Business Olympic Medals are you working to attain? Are your daily practices supporting that Level of Success? Share your answer in the comment section and I’ll reply.


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