August 24


Sales Feed Your Business Everything it Needs

Sales feed a business. Just as in this photo of a parent feeding a baby with a bottle.
Sales feed YOUR Business baby. Are you feeding it enough?

Sales Feed YOUR Business- Is it well nourished?

Sales feed YOUR Business all it needs to perform it’s other functions. Is YOUR Business being well fed or is it malnourished? More importantly: are you the one who is malnourishing it?

Understanding the Importance of Sales
to Continuously Feed YOUR Business

Far too often I see Business Owners doing everything for their business EXCEPT work to attain sales. Then they get frustrated because their business isn’t delivering properly. Or point blank: they don’t have enough sales to keep their business profitable. Do you know someone like this? Is this you? If it is, don’t wait any longer get help immediately!

“Nothing happens until a sale is made.”
~Thomas Watson, Sr., President of IBM (1914-1956)

Watson understood how sales feed a business. Sales is often called “the lifeblood of a business”. Yes, it’s that important. If you don’t know how to generate sales then you need to find someone to help you develop the steps before it’s too late.

There’s another step in the sales process which can snag business owners: conversion. If you don’t know how to successfully take an interested person to converting them to a customer – you need help with your sales conversion. Without a doubt, sales feed your business. It’s a plain truth which all Business Owners must accept.

Last week I wrote about being a Business Owner Pushover. Pushovers don’t stand up for their business and give it what it needs. I described your business as being dependent upon you- just as a baby is to it’s parent. I spoke of several things a baby needs other to do for it to help it grow properly.

The first need your business baby has is sales. Sales feedings are crucial to your business just as feeding are crucial to a baby’s growth. If you aren’t feeding your baby, you won’t need to change diapers or teach them to talk and walk. Why? They won’t exist! The same is true regarding your business. Sales feed your business.

To a baby a feeding looks like a bottle. To a business, sales feedings are when customers giving you money. It doesn’t matter if it’s cash, check, or a click. Each one counts as a sales feed. Additionally, big or small, a sales feed infusing your business is good. Remember: If you’re doing smaller feedings you will need to do them more frequently.

Sales Feed Caution:

Sometimes business owners simply fizzle out. They think they are feeding the baby enough and it can “survive” off of how few sales you feed it. At other times, their baby needs more food and they don’t know how to transition from bottle-feedings to solid foods (convert their interest parties into sales or transition into different offerings which make greater sales). If you fall into either one of these categories, your baby won’t grow much more. Ultimately, you will become very frustrated. Additionally, your baby will become malnourished.

If you like and love your baby, take good care of it. Get the help you need to help it grow. Whatever you do, don’t behave like many and wait until it’s too late!

Our next post will continue this metaphor of YOUR Business as YOUR Baby. Our topic: changing your baby’s diaper, AKA: customer service. Go find someone to talk to and make a sale before our next post!

Please feel free to comment or share what your baby needs most to grow right now. Let’s see how we can help YOUR Business grow into its success!


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