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Becoming Successful is Always Worth the Work

Becoming Successful is Worth the Work:

The highest reward for a person’s toil is not what they get for it,
but what they become by it.
~ John Ruskin, Artist & Author

firemean becoming successful adn saving lives
Becoming Successful May Save Lives

Becoming Successful seldom happens overnight. Much more often, becoming successful happens through a process of commitment, dedication, and discipline coupled with inspiration (internal) and motivation (external).

I simply love noticing how people respond to the success of others. Have you ever observed how not everyone appreciates others winning the lottery or inheriting a fortune? Yet, we all seem to appreciate, even respect, the one who keeps their nose to their grindstone. Against all odds, the one none of us would place a bet on becomes successful. For some reason we always cheer for this person. We don’t even mind what is the they are trying to accomplish. We always praise their relentless determination and commitment. Have you ever wish you had their sense of accomplishment and self-worth in that moment?


BIG QUESTION: Are you interested in becoming more successful than you are in this moment?

Becoming successful requires new actions. Have you ever noticed that the basis for the word discipline is disciple? Summarized and oversimplified, “disciple” is a person who is committed to being trained and/or following particular practices (thought and actions). In business a department or team could be considered disciples of the particular protocols they/you need to adhere to assure particular results.

Now, I know the above is a little bit of a twist from how we are accustom to hearing and applying this word. Yet, when we apply it to a sales team, the Sales Manager is asking the team to follow the particular belief system and behaviors, which are taking a disciplined action, to secure sales.

How are you devoting yourself to your tasks? Are you disciplined? Are you practicing becoming successful by taking continuous steps each day  in a direction which will secure your objective/s? Here’s a great quote that always make me smile,

“All things are difficult before they are easy.”
~ John Norley

Boy, if I don’t know this to be a great truth! And, I’m really sure I’m not alone with this!


Even though we may be pursuing one thing, such as increasing sales to generate more revenue and profit, we may actually be benefiting from becoming more disciplined to accomplish that goal – and others. Typically, we tend pick up new habits which assist us to function more effectively or efficiently. These side effects transcend the task’s objective and assists us in our professional development. Thus, improving our capabilities of becoming successful with other tasks we are required to perform throughout work and life.


Motivation is what we get when we go and listen to a motivational speaker. Oversimplified, their task is to get us hyped up and confident enough in our skills and capabilities so we are able to slay dragons. It’s all about an external influence. (This is what a trainer is to an athlete.)

Inspiration is what happens to us on the inside. It’s what gets us in the seat to listen to the motivational speaker in the first place. In-spiration, is the inspiring (self) catalyst to get us to consider new possibilities. Inspiration becomes the fertile soil for the seeds of motivation to propagate. Without inspiration, motivation is useless.

Becoming successful comes in many shapes in sizes. We always benefit from the stretch. We never know what we will be asked to do next, being prepared is key. In today’s marketplace even Business Owners must be acquiring new skills and capabilities to assure they can deliver whatever it is they are invited to do next. A little discipline is good for all of us! Remember to read the p.s.

Let’s Share: In the comment section feel free to what is inspiring or motivating you today!


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p. s. Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc. would like to congratulate Alexandra Voelkers (a great mentee) who is well on her way to becoming successful. She was just accepted into her college of choice! She is one of the most dedicated people I know. Additionally, she is a fine leader in only her senior year of high school. Way to go Alexandra!


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