March 28


High levels of success the day after Easter?

Levels of Success illustrated by collred eggs with faces of worry, exhaustion, and being on guard painted on them because who knows what's next!
Levels of Success the Day after Easter can mean just about anything!

High levels of success
the day after Easter?

High levels of success? Wow, this can be just about anything can’t it? But you know this Master Business Coach is going to make it all about YOU and YOUR Business Performance. Upping YOUR Levels of Success is an important game you should be playing,. After all isn’t that why you’re reading this?

Today, the day after Easter, it’s also nearing the end of the first quarter for this year. Click on this post for more about how to end the first quarter strong- YOUR Businesss’s Performance matters!

Powerfully ending quarters and appropriately planning new ones are always crucial to a business’s success. What are you doing this week?

This week is full of interesting moments: Monday being the day after Easter and the month and first quarter ending on Thursday. Then we have a new quarter starting on Friday, which happens to be April Fool’s Day. What a mixed bag! Of course some Business Owners are preoccupied with children home for Easter Break. All this is going on this week.

Brilliant Breakthroughs Big Questions:
1 What do you plan to do to create high levels of success for YOUR Business?
2 What do you plan to do to create high levels of success for YOUR Own Performance?

Do you plan to boost YOUR Levels of Success by:

  1. Selling like mad these next few days?
  2. Planning out second quarter?
  3. Cleaning your office (spring cleaning)?
  4. Learning a new tool/skill for business growth?
  5. Cleaning up your digital footprint?
  6. Learning a new software?
  7. Thanking current and past customers?
  8. Fostering new relationships?
  9. Mastering  a social media aspect?
  10. Reconnecting with old allies?
  11. Join a new professional group?
  12. Develop a new offering for customers to experience?

High Levels of Success This Week TIP:
Whatever you do, keep your mind focused on progressing the performance of yourself and/or business. This is s great week to feel like you accomplished something great and begin Q2 (second quarter) with favorable momentum!

What are you doing to up your levels of success? Share your answer in the comment section.
(I’m putting the finishing touches on a new program and decluttering the office – it’s been one busy month!)


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