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Storytelling and Presentations Attract Customers

Storytelling and Presentations
Attract Customers to You!

Are you attracting people through your wisdom-sharing?
Do you know the new presentation rules?
Is your storytelling effective?

Storytelling depicted through an old microphone with the words "Storytelling & Presentations"
Storytelling is Moving

Storytelling is wisdom-sharing. It helps us convey a particular message to others. Ideally, we want the story being told to be understood and have great impact upon the listeners.

Storytelling and Presentations in 2015

During 2014, storytelling became all the rage. What brought this on? Technology advancements which made videoing capability available to the masses. During 2012 and 2013, presentations were being refined to a new and visually precise manner of presenting wisdom. Presentations have evolved considerably over the past 2-3 years.

Now, storytelling is all the rage. There are courses and programs of how to tell a great story. This technique which seems new, is actually an ancient process. Even before writing occurred, storytelling lived. Storytelling was the technique in which wisdom of survival was taught to younger generations and how entertainment was once shared. Of course, this occurred prior to our mass production era.

Throughout history, we’ve heard of the Masters (wisdom-sharers) and their stories. From nursery rhymes and fairy tales to parables and spiritual songs to The Tao, wisdom-sharing has always existed. Today, we are moving into another form of it. Now video is continuously being captured and then consumed on the internet. Just short time ago, the mid-80s and 90s were all the rage of hand-held camcorders. Our newest form of storytelling is a natural progression.

Are your storytelling skills at a level of proficiency or mastery?

Storytelling capabilities are quickly becoming an essential requirement for all professionals regardless of your level, industry, or field. This technique clearly demonstrates how we connect with others and make impact. It will also assist in attracting the appropriate people to you whether that is sponsors, customers, or followers. For the balance of this decade, it will be a key skill for one’s professional success!

If you haven’t mastered your key wisdom-sharing story, start developing it now.

As professionals, especially tenured professionals, we should be considering storytelling, presentations, and blogging as a mentoring tool. What if every time you were presenting something, you did a wisdom-sharing moment? Wow, that would add value quickly!

For many, the workplace’s favorite tool for storytelling in PowerPoint, or a comparable tool. It has been the digital illustration of presentations over the past 10+years. As I shared earlier, the approaches to a good presentation have changed. Are you staying current?

The following link is from Jeff Haden. Jeff is an outstanding writer! I’ve shared smatterings of his work with you over the years. This article: Public Speaking Tips from the Best TED Talks is from Business Insider. It is a great article with a supporting TED Talk linked to each of Jeff’s points. I suggest anyone who is presenting should watch this. TED Talks is one of the best venues for professional wisdom-sharing or storytelling. Please let’s us know which point is important to you and why!

Please feel free to comment on what what your message or topic is for your wisdom-sharing. We’d love to hear from you and generate some visibility for you!


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p.s.: I am the Co-Organizer of Wisconsin Business Owners. One of the responsibilities I have is to assure each presenter shines brightly when it’s their storytelling opportunity. I strongly encourage each of them to review Jeff’s article prior to presenting.


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