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Popularity and professional credibility are not the same

How to use popularity and professional credibility to grow your business- just as this ballerina is as she leaps into the air.
Popularity and professional credibility usually differ… considerably.

Popularity and Professional Credibility…
definitely not the same!

Popularity and professional credibility are becoming synonymous. What?!?!? I am here to share with you: these two are not the same! I was surprised with a recent conversation and want to clear this up for any Business Owners who may misunderstand this. It’s important for YOUR Business’s profitability.

A couple days ago I co-presented the topic of how to simply boost your social media reach (for business) at Wisconsin Business Owners monthly meeting. Afterwards, someone came up to me and said, “I see all this social media work to build our business is nothing but a popularity contest.” I was astonished! They had missed the whole point of “social proof”. Yet I understood this misunderstanding. Even with my marketing background I once had believed the same until I educated myself in the topic and experimented.

Popularity and Professional Credibility Differ

Popularity is about who has the most hits or clicks. Hmmm, if we were still teenagers the words clicks and cliques may have similar meanings. As Business Owners popularity means you are the well know in a said circle. Professional credibility means the expertise and/or service you offer is considered noteworthy.

Social Media Platform Popularity Insights

There is a very popular person who is known for their kitty videos and other videos of unusual things. This person’s Twitter following is in the millions. Several months ago someone ask me if I follow this person. I said “yes”. Their reply was, “Do you know what they actually do for a living? I can’t figure out how they make money?” My response, “I’m not sure, maybe they get paid to deliver what they are posting.” That is popularity.

Professional Credibility Showcased…

Social Media, if intended to be purposeful and serve followers, can grow your professional credibility significantly!

Are you using your social media platforms to inform and educate your followers?

Better yet, are you using your social efforts to support your current customers? Here’s one example of how I did this. When a client is ready to start developing their business’s ideal customer profile, I have them go to a 6 part blog series I wrote 4 years ago. It’s a great way to introduce them on how to begin developing the profile of their business’s ideal customer. It isn’t everything, but it’s a great starting point for everyone. Do you know how much time and money that saves my clients? The answer: 2-4 weeks.

TIP: Be purpose-driven when you are creating social media content for your business. Think what would add value to your customers and/or potential customers. Deliver this and you’ll be fine! If you do this, your social media efforts can gain you customers.

Are still doubting or confused about the difference between popularity and professional credibility? Think about the music industry. Plenty of artist have been popular. But, who has proven themselves to be credible? Only a few. Lesson: Be mindful as you create your following.

Please feel free to comment or ask questions about creating popularity or professional credibility to help you accomplish YOUR Business Goals… or anything else you’d like to know!


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