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Sales: The Kingpin of All Business

Sales: The Kingpin of All Business

Are you actively pursuing sales each day?
Do you have a plan to achieve your sales goal each month?
Are you spending half a day marketing to prospects?

Sales demonstrated as being the kingpin of a business as a orange bowling ball strikes the lead or kingpin in a bowling lane
Sales are the Kingpin of YOUR Business

Sales is your business’s nourishment. If you are an entrepreneur, you are the parent of your business. Your business can’t do anything without you. It’s your baby. You created your baby or you adopted it if you bought a business. If you business is your baby, are you feeding your baby so it can grow?

If you are part of an organization, this is the time to boost sales or perhaps greater visibility will suit your type of expertise better. Make the appointments you need to increase visibility for your teams, department, or projects. It’s the same as sales – everyone always needs to be progressing via capturing important appointments to advance their profession. Utilize this time while calendars are still open.

Actively pursuing sales… Daily!

When I was a premier executive recruiter, my training was very specific. The primary object (other than closing deals) was the exact other end of the process: Sales! The Golden Rule to being a successful recruiter was making sales call for at least half of the work day. This one activity, if done appropriately, would generate enough opportunities to close enough deals each month.

Curious what the Platinum Rule of Sales was? If you don’t have any projects to service customers, make sales calls for the whole work day until you have a project to service clients! Yes, I strongly suggesting for you to start making sales calls. If you’re interested in swiftly boosting your sales. It’s simple. Make sales, marketing, or prospecting calls (whatever you prefer to call it) EACH day!

Do you make sales calls each day to fill your pipeline or funnel?

WARNING: Even if you are swamped with servicing customers right now, still make your sales calls! I can’t emphasize this enough! Too often people thing they can “coast” on their current business. I’ve seen it time and time again how this is the choice to future failure. Almost every time someone begins to coast on their flurry of activity, they bottom out and need to go back to making sales calls for whole work days again. I never understood what people always want to start over… seems silly to me.

Click on this post I wrote during the holidays to explain how to crank your sales machine up for the new year.

CLUE: This particular tactic will only be valid until the end of January, if that long.

Yikes, I almost forgot to share what a kingpin is if you are unfamiliar. In bowling, a kingpin is the lead or front pin. (If you strike it directly it will knock over all the other pins, which creates 100% success.) Sales is any business’s kingpin… must have that money coming in to make everything else happen.

Please feel free to comment how you can improve striking your kingpin successfully each week…


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Blessings of Success to YOU ~
Maggie Mongan, Brilliant CEO & Founder
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p.s.: Sales are the nourishment for your business… please, don’t starve unnecessarily!


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  1. Great idea for consulting oriented business; my business doesn’t lend itself to these types of tactics. My clients don’t like being sold to or pushed into getting things. I’ve always had trouble closing sales as when my customers don’t want something, I respect their wishes. I’m not the type to push further. I’m old school that way.

    Of course the flip side of this is a failing business or floundering which is what I still have.

    I do agree those that pounding the pavement is probably the way to go which includes networking, networking and more networking (this includes sales calls.)

    I look forward to more blogs.

    1. Dear Blake, this is for ALL business. I really would like for you to click on the link under BIG TIP as it shares how to make appointments specifically in December and January- it holds true any time of the year; however, it is golden during the holidays and beginning of the new year! True sales isn’t about being pushy. Until you are speaking with clients or potential clients, you don’t know how you may or may not be able to serve them. Pushy sales isn’t respectful. The approach I offer is one of service and authentic caring – not pushing. Making appointments may be as simple as making 2 phone calls a day for some businesses. Please, whatever you do, don’t dismiss the concept! It can serve both you and your marketplace if your intention of service is at the forefront of the process! After you network, you make appointments to discover if you can build relationship and/or effectively serve someone or not, don’t you? Firsthand I know you already know this 🙂 Now it’s time to expand your marketing activities with more techniques to nourish your floundering business.

  2. Good Advice. I do wish your site would send me your reply automatically. I had to dig deep to see if you did reply.

    Love being devil’s advocate!

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