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YOUR Returning Customer – not always satisfied?

Small Business Coaching by Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc. A happy return customer of your business illustrated by 2 yellow canaries singing to each other on a perch.
Does your return customer sing your praises all day long like canaries do?

YOUR Returning Customer:
Not always satisfied?

Do you take YOUR returning customer for granted?
Do you know why you have a returning customer?
Are you treating them as if they area new customer?

A returning customer is evidence a business is doing something correctly. I ask you, “Is it?”

There may be other factors involved which make this statement false.

Let’s begin with an important one: most businesses don’t treat returning customers as well as first time customers. Do you?

As the summertime birds are returning to our backyard, I’ve been thinking about return customers.

I’m deeply pondering the challenge of how to keep a first time customer feel with returning customers because of a recent experience I had as a returning customer.

So I decided to review a blogpost I wrote in 2015 and decided to update it for you on this crucial topic to your success. Why?

If you spend 6-7 times more to gain a new customer than to keep a returning customer, wouldn’t it make sense to focus on giving them stellar service once you have them?

In my book this is essential once you have your customer. So let’s dive into this…

Business Success depends upon YOUR Business’s Performance. Ultimately this drills down to sales. Sales are how customers reward you for providing them a great offering.

“Nothing happens until someone sells something.”
~commonly attributed to Thomas J Watson or Peter F Drucker 

This business axiom is eloquent! Sales is the lifeblood of business.

Thus, customers and everything they experience should be the priority for all business. Perhaps this is even a stronger statement for Small Business.

Do you take YOUR Returning Customer for granted?

Review the past two years of your customer flow. Notice the interactions of YOUR Returning Customer.

Do you still pull out the red carpet for them as if they are new customers?

Familiarity often leads to being more relaxed with people. Customers are people, but they aren’t just any people. They are YOUR Revenue Supporters.

Referencing the stat above, a returning customer is considered “easy money” compared to a new customer.

This concepts emphasizes how they are already familiar with you and your offerings. You don’t have the awkward “sales dance” for a returning customer so some Small Business Owners (SBOs) let their guard down and don’t deliver their typical high quality service.

Do you know why you have a Returning Customer?

Why does a customer return to you? Is it they like you and your staff? Do they like YOUR Offering? Is YOUR Customer Experience appealing to them? Do they appreciate YOUR Price-points? Is YOUR Business established in a great location?

Understanding why certain customers return to you is important. It’s clues to what you are doing well. Once you identify it, repeat it or amplify it. This new awareness will boost YOUR Revenue. It’s simple: Give YOUR Customers what they want!

A Returning Customer Story (Mine)

For the past two years, I have been served by a great provider who requires a 2 hour round trip. He’s good – really good.

However, the 2 hour drive time isn’t appealing to me any longer. Kicker: it’s a 40 minute service 8 times a year.

Reluctantly I’m seeking a new provider. I’m very happy with her service, just not the location. He is partially retired, so he probably won’t be able to do anything to entice me back and I’m fine with that.

As the customer I hold the power of who I reward for services.

Note: The Power YOUR Customer holds is phenomenal! They can make or break a week, month, year, or even shut-down a business.

Are you unknowingly helping a returning customer hinder YOUR Business Success?

Are you treating a Returning Customer as if they’re golden?

If not, now’s the time to make this change. Treat each returning customer as well as a new customer.

Why? A returning customer is YOUR Business’s (no cost) external marketing team.

This particular team can do a great deal of good by sharing the awesomeness of YOUR Business to many! Additionally, they can do a great deal of harm if they’re dissatisfied. Do you want to take this risk?

Some people people say “It’s important to treat ongoing customers like royalty.” I completely disagree!

I believe all customers should be treated extremely well.

Additionally, if you have a returning customer, your relationship with them tends to become more personal. This isn’t typical with new customers.

There is a significant difference between a new customer and returning customers, who continue to honor you with their presence and purchasing power.


1. Review YOUR Returning Customers comments and behaviors. What patterns do you notice?
2. Click on the Improve Sales category on the right side bar of our website. There are plenty of sales posts to help you uplift YOUR Sales.
3. Make these changes now. The smallest of changes will have a profound impact with each returning customer.

Please feel free to ask questions of make comments as to what you could do or how you already treat your returning customers like gold.


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p.s.: When you stop hiding from YOUR Customers, your revenue increases.

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