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Marketplace Presence Boosts Your Revenue

Marketplace Presence Boosts YOUR Revenue…

Learning how to build YOUR Marketplace Presence confusing you?
Do you have a strategy to building YOUR Marketplace Presence?
Curious what the key to building your own marketplace could be?

Golden key to represent the Key to Marketplace Presence
Key to Marketplace Presence

Marketplace Presence is one of the easiest ways to gain visibility and improve revenue for ANY business. Right now, I’m sure you are doing the “No duh, Maggie”! But I assure you most people who are saying that aren’t doing this. It’s not complicated at all, but being consistent for many people is the challenge.


Do you show up in YOUR Marketplace in a consistent manner?

Marketplace Presence Consistency:

Too often Business Leaders don’t take the time to show up in YOUR (their) Marketplace and build an undeniable presence. We are so lucky today because we have multiple ways to do this! There are two major approaches to do this: in-person and virtually. Building a Marketplace presence doesn’t need to be an arduous task for Business Leaders, but it does involve consistent action.

Marketplace Presence Awareness:

Consistently showing up in the marketplace matters. Doubt me? What would you think if all the sudden you no longer saw beer commercials during a professional sports event broadcast? You’d begin to wonder if they are still selling beer in the store, right? The same is true with YOUR Marketplace presence. If you sputter in and out of regularly scheduled event/gatherings, people will begin to wonder if you are still available to meet their needs. Regardless of whether you are creating a presence online or in-person, the impact is the same.

Marketplace Presence Strategy:

You can make this happen in any manner you choose. If done well, it will navigate you more organically and directly into your marketplace if you make some wise choices early on. I’ve seen alot of people do one of two things which isn’t always the wisest approach. They will dive in really deeply, even get too involved with too many groups right away. I caution you on this approach because it doesn’t allow you time to foster the relationships you are making instead of always adding more. In relationship building, quality over quantity, always works best!

The other scenario I see occurring is people are into card collecting and not following up! Again, slow down and meet individually with people after you initially meet. Then start building relationship via giving – start with your time and authentic listening. People will buy and/or refer you to others if they know you and trust you. I don’t know any other way to foster a relationship more swiftly than by starting with authentic communications.


Create a strategy for YOUR Marketplace Presence. What do I mean by this? Look at the locations (personally or virtually), which you believe will deliver the best possible outcome for your business. Next, get out a calendar. Look at what type of time commitment CONSISTENTLY showing up in this particular marketplace will require. Make an executive decision if you are willing to commit to showing up consistently AND doing the necessary follow through to create potential customers. CAUTION: Start small. Get in a rhythm. Then, add more opportunities!

Hey, speaking of beer, I do live in Wisconsin (but am not a beer drinker). I’d like to KUDOS Jim Sorenson, Business Leader of Horny Goat Brewing Co.  I’ve know the Owner, Jim since we were kids and he just keeps showing up – no, not like a bad penny! Instead like a Business Leader who leads and values business progression through serving his customers – even first hand at times! Way to go Jim!

Please feel free to comment or share how you consistently show up creating YOUR Marketplace Presence.


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Blessings of Success to YOU ~
Maggie Mongan, Brilliant CEO & Founder
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