November 30


Year End Slow Down: Don’t do it small business owners

Year End Slow Down For Business illustrated by a man sitting onto of a rock he climbed with feet dangling over the side of elevated rock.
Year End Slow Down-itis, don’t let it impede upon your year’s success!

Year End Slow Down-itis?
Don’t give in!

Year End Slow Down-itis showing up already?!?
Are you shutting it down too soon?

Don’t you want to improve YOUR Business?

Year End Slow Down is natural, but it isn’t always beneficial to YOUR Business Performance! Why are you going to shortchange YOUR Business now? STOP before you regret it. Why on earth would a Business Coach tell you not to begin vacationing and holidaying this week? For starters there still another month left to secure revenue, boost profit, self-organize, and create new relationships!

OK, there is one exception when it is acceptable to start vacationing now. Who is eligible? The Business Owners who have an 11 month annual year AND have already fulfilled their production/revenue goals. Is that you?

I don’t like taking December off at all. I find people are more amiable, willing to make appointments, and listen. If they don’t purchase in December, they took time and listened to you. If they were YOUR Ideal Customer, it’ll pay off in the future.

I want to share with you the secret power this time of the year holds for gaining business. Whatever you do: don’t close up shop just yet!

Fight Year End Slow Down-itis and
you can accomplish these 12 things:

  1. Make appointments with potential customers or with influencers to strengthen your network.
  2. Create new products when there is a little more quiet time.
  3. Tidy up your office and/or electronic files.
  4. Create a free offer for current customers to help them start 2016 strong.
  5. Finish/create YOUR Revenue Goals Planning for 2016.
  6. Finish/create YOUR Marketing Strategy for 2016.
  7. Learn new software.
  8. Begin curating content for 2016’s social media posts.
  9. Better define the Psycho-graphics of YOUR Ideal Customer.
  10. Refresh YOUR Business’s Purpose, Vision, and Mission.
  11. Update your Bio and refresh it on all social platforms.
  12. Schedule your vacation time for 2016 now.

Which of the 12 Action Items will you be implementing to fight YOUR Business’s Year End Slow Down-itis? Let us know in the comment section. I’ll give you a tip for which ever ones you share!


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p.s. We are 5 weeks out from ending this year strong and launching a solid 2016! Just don’t allow Year End Slow Down-itis to impede your progress!

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  1. December is the time of year to be on the radar of many prospects and clients so you get in the budget, even if you don’t close the deal right now. Having the funds allocated for next year eliminates the hurdle of
    ‘no money’ for your engagement!

    1. You are right on with your comment. Too often everyone waits until January or February! Getting the appointments now do make a big difference. Thank for your comment and have a rocking December 🙂

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