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Purpose as a guiding force of Success

The Purpose of a True North Compass by Maggie Mongan, Business Rescue Coach of Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc.
True North Compass Guides You to YOUR Success!

Purpose Guides Us

Do you know the Purpose of your business?
Are you in the best vocation?
Do you know how to allow your genius to guide you?

Recently, I was watching a recording of an older episode from the television program “Through the Wormhole”.  As always, there was a multitude of thought expanding ideas presented. One of them had to do with purpose. Isn’t that cool? Just on time for today 🙂 Let’s see what we get out of this…

The scientist was working on why some fish have hard spines, like ours, and some have collagen spines. So they created little robots that swam with different types of spines: all collagen, 5 vertebrae, 10 vertebrae, and 15 vertebrae. What they learned was that overall it was “good” to have a hard vertebrae spine than a collagen spine; however, more vertebrae isn’t necessarily better. The ideal number of vertebrae for any fish is the number which gives the fish enough power to swim efficiently, so they could cover enough of an area to support their dietary needs. There was a fine line between the balance of having enough vertebrae to power you around to find food and being flexible enough so it isn’t difficult to move/swim around to find the food! Now that’s a great example of purpose 🙂 Are you scratching your head as to what this has to do with your business performance?

Do you know the Purpose of YOUR Business?

This is an important question! We aren’t looking for the “to make profit” even though this is a fact for all businesses 🙂 We are looking about the “Why”. Why do you open the doors in the morning?

Apparently fish spines have adapted enough to find their purpose: effective and efficient power sources to find the appropriate amount of food! Are you and your business a good fish? Are you strong enough to propel yourself toward what you can do, or be, to make the greatest impact? Perhaps you are a little too rigid and need to “go with the flow”, which is probably best to utilize your resources. Remember: most fish don’t have the same purpose, nor the capability of the mighty salmon – to go against the stream.

Do you know YOUR Professional Purpose or Vocation?

Do you know what you are to doing as a vocation? Let’s start with the definition, per my grandparents American Heritage Dictionary, regarding vocation for this specific purpose: A vocation is (a) doing work in something which one is specifically qualified for, (b) an urge or predisposition to take on a certain type of work, or (c) a calling.

Some people are blessed and they create a peace-filled, profitable, and sustainable business. I mention this because it is possible to find your true vocation and build a thriving business that brings you great joy because of the impact you make. Hint: You know you are in your true vocation when you feel you are innately gifted in a specific duty, task, or job and everything just flows effortlessly. These business leaders honor their soul’s mission and transform it into a very attractive business. Several years ago, I dubbed this a Divine Businesses or Brilliant Businesses and created a couple programs to help others conduct business in a new manner. It’s a great joy to see this actualize 🙂

Other people may know their soul’s mission or vocation or purpose, but it may not be best to transform it into a business. In some cases, it is best to keep it as a hobby or volunteer activity. It really depends upon how committed one is to learning how to practice good business, coupled with developing a vocation. And yes, over the years, I’ve seen some cases when people became more frustrated with their purpose because they wanted it to be a business, but didn’t want to learn what it takes to become a Brilliant Business Leader. Do you know what your vocation is?

Is it good to allow your genius to guide you?

Just as the magnetite in bird’s heads guide them throughout the globe, so too will your genius (Infinite Intelligence) guide you to your True North if you allow it too! Of course this doesn’t mean you meander and go where the winds direct you… we need to be a little more grounded than our two-winged friends. But it does mean that you have natural or innate gifts that allow your inner genius to shine for the whole world to experience.

When was the last time someone told you how great or gifted you were at something and you minimized their acknowledgement? Here’s a hint: That may be your genius shining brightly through for the world to benefit… but you don’t notice it because it is innate. It’s just simply what you do! That’s a great way to over-simplify this application of genius. What’s YOUR genius?

This month we will explore the topic of purpose and how it may serve you best. If you’d like to look at last month’s topic which is a nice lead into purpose, click on this: to learn more about passion and what it’s purpose is to accelerate your business. Click on this if you want to learn more about the basics of developing solid goals.

Your Business Rescue Coach wants to know: What are people saying to you that give you clues regarding how your genius is appearing? Please share in the comment sections so we can learn from each others 🙂


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Blessings of Success to YOU ~
Maggie Mongan, Brilliant CEO & Founder
Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc.


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    1. Thanks for noticing… allowing to be guided to my True North has been nothing less than an amazing story- wow, what a journey! Just as it is for most of us 🙂
      So what’s your genius?

  1. Pingback: Purpose: for it is why we exist and our businessess too BBI:
  2. While I still work in corp America (which for the most part I enjoy), I have found my passion outside of this work and did try to grow a fulltime business from it. In fact, I’ve tried for years. Recently, I’ve let this thinking go and just started to enjoy both my corp. work and my ‘hobby business’ work. I stopped pushing and trying and just let it all flow. Guess what? My hobby business picked up a bit!

    I am slowly learning that sometimes we just have to let life flow, with just a gentle push of the oars now and then….for some this is how it works. And that’s OK.

    Thanks always for the guidance!

    Blake Cahoon
    Illuminated Engagements

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