November 25


Small Business Productivity Tips for the Holidays

Business Productivity Tips are illustrated by a gift wrapped in a golden bow.
Unwrap these Business Productivity Tips for ending 2015 strong!

Business Productivity During the Holidays:
Don’t wait, just do it now!

Do YOUR Business Productivity Levels drop during the Holidays?
Are you confused what you should work on?
Are YOUR Sales running strong?

Business Productivity Levels typically tank for Small Businesses during the Holiday Season. Why? Small Business Owners tend to romanticize the Holiday Season and lighten up their intensity level of productivity. This definitely hinders your business success this year AND weakens your launch into the new year.

Are you noticing YOUR Business Productivity Levels
already dropping?

If so, this is a sign of your year is probably closing weaker than it could. I admit this time of the year brings additional activities to most Business Owners. Yes, I do extra holiday-ing just as you do. I also show up and tend to business too. But do you stay focused on showing up for YOUR Business?

Are you leading YOUR Business? This fall I did a series of how YOUR Business is like a baby – totally dependent upon your care of it. Please click here to read the series: How to take care of YOUR Business Baby. It begins in August 2015 and ends in early Sept. 2016. I imagine you wouldn’t forget to take care of your infant’s needs for 6 weeks, so why neglect YOUR Business during this time of year?

TIP: Tighten up YOUR Business Productivity Calendar. Make a priorities list of what must be accomplished each day. Work through it swiftly so you can “clock out” for the day as soon as possible.
NOTE: Don’t lessen your activities, just be more concentrated in your efforts to complete them effectively and efficiently.

What should YOUR Business Productivity be right now?
Confused? Sales is the answer!

About 20 years ago I was an Executive Recruiter. I remember how one day I went outside to get some fresh air to clear my mind and refocus my efforts. One of the seasoned recruiters was already taking a breather too. I have never forgotten what he said to me on that day. His wisdom has served me extremely these past 20 years. Please allow me to share.

I said, “I have so many awesome projects to work on. Each one of them requires many particular actions. I’m trying to figure out which one to approach first.” He said, “I’ll let you in a little secret how to solve this dilemma for the rest of your life.” I responded with a big “Okay, what?” He responded, “The answer is always the same. No matter what you are doing in business. It should always be the same.”

I stopped and tried to figure out what it was. I couldn’t. I stated, “I surrender! What is it?” His response was eloquent, “Regardless of the time of day and the variables you have in front of you, you must continuously ask yourself this one question constantly. Ready?” Growing impatient, I gave him a “Yes already!” To which he responded, “Always make your next action be the action which brings you closest to a sale.” I’d like for you to repeat his tip out loud.

TIP: IF you have completed all your obvious activities to bring you closer to your next sale, what should you do? Whatever will bring you closest to YOUR next sale!
NOTE: At times this could be creating a new product, sending out customer appreciation love letters, doing payroll, or tidying up the office/process for you to function more efficiently so you can close more sales swiftly.

Improve YOUR Business Productivity by
Improving YOUR Sales Pipeline

Sales Pipeline Awareness and Management improves YOUR Business Productivity because it guides your action items. It reveals if you need more prospects in YOUR Sales Pipeline or where your leaks are in YOUR Sales Pipeline. Is YOUR 4th Quarter ending strong? Do you need to be more assertive with your sales over the next 6 weeks? No problem. You can end stronger than you imagined!

TIP: People are more amiable during the Holiday Season and will take appointments with you. They are looking for solutions to improve their life or work arrangements. They are naturally hopeful and are willing to make purchases.
NOTE: It’s a great time of the year to discuss YOUR Offerings as potential solutions!

Please don’t wait!

YOUR Business Productivity can improve with extra concentrated efforts without any extra time in the office this season. Have fun playing with this. You’ll be amazed what you can accomplish when you become more mindful!


Also, THANK YOU for reading and following this unconventional Business Coach’s blog to help you optimize your leadership and business performance. Please click here for an appreciation gift like none you’ve ever seen before!

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p.s. We are at 6 weeks until we wrap up this year’s business productivity into a pretty little bow by boosting sales.


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