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2 Secrets for Business Owners Holiday Madness Management

2 secrets to better manage your Holiday Madness illustrated by 2 girls wearing sweaters and in a woods setting are sharing a secret.
2 Secrets to help you better manage Holiday Madness to improve YOUR Business and Life

2 Secrets for Business Owners’
Holiday Madness Management

Not sure how to manage the Holidays this year?
Holiday Madness is real!
Are you frazzled?

Holiday Madness Management should be a required course when you begin operating a Small Business. Business Owners need to learn how to move through this time of the year with greater ease and efficiency! Why? There are many distractions to knock Business Owners off their game. It happens to the best of them! Let’s see if we can help you win your game.

Holiday Madness is real!

I’m always amazed how many organizations and groups are trying to squeeze in extra activities at this extra-ordinary time of the year. It’s official today. We are officially 10 days out from Christmas Eve gatherings. Did that freak you out? Are you effectively managing you Holiday Madness?

Once upon a time I was caught up in all the Holiday hoopla and had Holiday Madness. I drove my husband and sons crazy trying to do it all. We were all frazzled. I/we did deliver – but there wasn’t as much Holiday peace as there could’ve been. About 10 years ago I started to shift my way of being. The Holiday Season has become much more enjoyable.

2 Secrets to Manage YOUR Holiday Madness

Secret #1: Remember, “The 12 Days of Christmas” begins on December 26 and ends on January 6th.

During this time, the church celebrated the blessings of Christmas until the Holy Feast Day of the Epiphany. The Epiphany is when the 3 Wise Men arrived and honored the Christ child with sacred gifts.

As a child I always looked forward to The 12 Days of Christmas because it was when we did all our family and friends holiday gatherings. It was a magical time and it kept the Christmas Spirit alive. Currently we keep this tradition alive- not taking down any Holiday Decorations until after January 6th.

Heck, we even bake Christmas cookies during this time. I don’t know about you, but we can’t eat all of them by Christmas and we spread them out! How about giving yourself a break before Christmas and shift some of your gatherings to after Christmas Day? Everyone will be glad you did!

Secret #2: Go back and read 2 of last week’s short and relevant blogs. There are great strategies and tips you can apply immediately to give yourself relief!
The first one will help YOUR Business Performance: Ending Business on a High Note

The second one will provide an simple and powerful tip for Business Owner Self-Management:
Business Owner Concentration Sustained During the Holiday Season

Enjoy this time of year. Allow it to be peace-filled and prosperous. Make and take time to tweak it accordingly and you will glad you did!

Please feel free to comment or ask questions on anything you’d like. I’ll be happy to wisdom-share with you!


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