December 21


Business Owners surviving the week of Christmas

Business Owners Surviving Christmas tip illustrated as a Christmas gift wrapped in Christmas tree paper and glittering green and golden bows.
My “Business Owners Surviving Christmas” Gift to YOU…. Simplicity and Priority!

Business Owners surviving all the activities
during the week of Christmas – How?

Missing the Peace and Joy of this Holiday Season?
Do you have a game plan to survive Christmas?
How will you make it through this week?

Are you and fellow Business Owners surviving the Christmas Holiday or thriving this Christmas Season? I’m hearing a mix of both this year. It seems like there is no between either! Are YOU surviving, thriving, or somewhere in between?

Often, Business Owners are missing some of this season’s peace and joy. Why? They are trying to do too much during a time when everyone is already busy. Is this you?

This extra busy-ness has even been renamed during Christmas… hustle and bustle. Yikes – it’s become an expectation! If you feel you’re missing out on the peace and joy this may indicate you need to slow down. Perhaps even take a “pause”.

Do you have a prioritizing game plan
for this week?

How many things can you bump back until after Christmas? Ideally start now by moving some things around. Click here to read about The Twelve Days of Christmas (Dec 26 – Jan 6th) tradition I propose you adopt. Even if you can’t this year – get this locked in for next year. You’ll be glad you did!

Also, it’s good to look at your calendar right now and decide what you are going to focus on this week. Move the rest to next week or the week after. By the way – this is the only week you will ever hear me say such a thing!!!

Business Owners Surviving the Holidays:
Simplicity Tip #1: Sleep more!

It doesn’t matter how you do it – get more sleep! Take a nap or two. Go to bed a little earlier. Stay in bed a little longer. Can’t sleep? Watch a good movie – nothing that will hype you up. The extra sleep will serve you well! I did an enormous push (and a half) last week to lighten up this week. I went to bed before 7pm on Friday night. I was exhausted on Friday and rejuvenated on Saturday. Gift yourself more sleep.

Business Owners Surviving the Holidays is real!

NOTE: “Getting through the Holidays” isn’t the goal! Enjoyment is.
TIP: Business Owners surviving the holidays is about being mindful. Begin with what your and your family needs are and stay focused on this (see p.s.).


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p.s. The rest of our blogposts this week are New Business Movie Reviews of  Christmas and Family Movies to help you take it easy this week.  Click here to see a surprising  “Bad Santa” Business Movie Review. 

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