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Bad Santa Best Business Strategy Movie Review

The movie Bad Santa illustrated through movie poster with Santa, a child, and elf, and angry man.
Did Bad Santa unknowingly join your business this year?

Bad Santa (2003)
Business Movie Review:

Bad Santa teaches us about the business strategies:
Failure, Judgment, & Arrogance?

Bad Santa is a modern Christmas Classic. Most people forget that John Ritter plays a big role in this movie. I can’t imagine how many times they had to retake his character’s lines. I’m sure it’s because Billy Bob Thorton masterfully steps into being a degenerate of a Santa and steals the movie! The plot is a story of a department store Santa that’s down on his luck. Latter we discover he had an unmerciful childhood and is a miserable adult.

This Santa despises children; yet it is a child who becomes his saving grace. No spoilers here! NOTE: This is not a movie for younger children! If you haven’t seen it, I suggest you do. It will make you think about the impact of how humans treat eachother. And yes, there is a Christmas message in the movie.

NOTE: Most of our 40+ Business Movie Reviews are family viewable. Please use your judgement. Want to see all the different movies we have already done Business Movies Reviews on to help you with YOUR Business Strategies, Leadership, and Business Performance? Click on the Categories section on our Blog Page. FYI: we have almost 10 Christmas themed movies for you to review.

Bad Santa Business Strategy
#1 Failure

Santa is usually a jolly old guy. Not this time! This unhappy guy had a difficult childhood, is selfish, and an alcoholic. He is accustom to never getting a break in life. Even though he wants it, he doesn’t know how to attain it.

How often do you, as a Business Owner and Leader, find yourself not being able to break out of your rut? Have you ever wanted to do something differently? Yet you just don’t know how to accomplish it? I encourage you to read this post: to learn about the 7 types of mentors for you and YOUR Business.

Bad Santa Business Strategy
#2 Judgment

Judgement has its signature all over this movie! Judgment of oneself and others. It creates prejudice, bullying, poor performance, breaks strategies, and shatters the innocence of youth. Judgment comes in passive and aggressive forms. Other times it is blatant (the bullies of the movie). This movie often demonstrates bullying by most characters.

How often does judgement creep into YOUR Business, or you, and gently knocks you right out of integrity? Even when we are doing our best to be perfect, it slowly creeps in (as is the case of John Ritter’s character). Bullying is all over business – both corporate and small business. Be more mindful to stop it as soon as you notice it.

Bad Santa Business Strategy
#3 Arrogance

The arrogance of Santa and his elf in this movie is at the forefront of their demise. Arrogance of what they do, their relationship with eachother, with themselves, and others. The arrogance of how they move through life ultimately brings them to a moment of humility via their downfall.

Do you witness arrogant leaders? They aren’t only in business these days. It’s like a disease! The lesson here is don’t let it happen to you. Insight: Arrogant and self-confident are different. Self-confidence is good as a Business Owner/Leader. Humility is good as well. Arrogance – not so good. Ask a friend, trustworthy employee, peer, or mentor to keep you in check. This will help you and your team serve from a powerful stance of goodwill.

Please make a comment regarding which Bad Santa business strategy would serve YOUR Business best right now.


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