June 22


Adventures of Business Ownership & Leadership

Adeventures depicted as man walks the yellow lines in the center of the road.
Adventures are the common path of the Business Owner-Leader.

Adventures are invitations to
experience something new.

Adventures come in many shapes and sizes. Recently I’ve been hearing the word adventure in commercials and other conversations. This makes sense for the time of year with new grads adventuring into their next steps and others wanting to explore something new. Summertime is a great time of the year for new adventures.

Adventures of the Brave Souls

Adventures are what business ownership and leadership offers us brave souls. Adventures commonly occur in the world of owners and leaders. Yet, they may not see all the new activities they are required to step into as adventures at all. Why? It becomes a common occurrence.

Non-Stop Adventures of Business and Leadership

At some point an Owner or Leader of Business must step forward. They make a point to play a new role and take on new adventures. Adventures become a way of being and after a while adventures don’t even appear adventurous any longer!

For some, learning how business actually works could be a great adventure. For another it could be learning how to create powerful presentations or giving a speech. Was it learning how to keep you business’s books, how to rally your team, or how to sell your awesomeness? Each one of these is a common adventure for the Brave Souls of Business.

Brilliant Breakthroughs Business Movie Review: Soul Surfer image by IMDb.com of Bethany Hamilton holding her shark bitten surfboard. This movie is about her adventures of recovery and success.
Brilliant Breakthroughs Business Movie Review: Soul Surfer image by IMDb.com

What are the professional adventures you will commit to during summertime?

Select the professional adventures which will help you accomplish at least one of your Business Objectives to improve your overall performance.

Relevant Brilliant Breakthroughs Business Movie Review:
Soul Surfer Movie Review

Click the above link to see our review of the inspiring and adventurous movie!

If you are a regular reader you may have noticed I stepped up my game of images to the blog’s posts. I’ve been learning about the power of images and storytelling (see p.s. for more information). My summertime adventures are learning more about social media/virtual marketing and how to use images to create powerful messages. These are my fun adventures. Learning a newer version of software accounting is another one of those adventures which is a necessity.

My summertime Business Owner-Leader adventures are a blend of fun (creativity) and logic (accounting). Feel free to share your professional adventures in the comment section. I’m always curious to hear what others are doing to support their business’s success! Have a question or want me to write about a particular topic? Let me know through comments. I’ll be happy to oblige.


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p. s. Here’s a shout out to Bruce Carse of www.EverythingIsStory.com (free membership site with plenty of webinars to review). Bruce is an exceptional man. He works with the top talent in Hollywood to help them tell their stories. He’s committed to helping everyone else do the same. Bruce is a down-to-earth guy who is on a mission to assist all of us to improve our stories, images, and presentations of our messages. I only share because Bruce is truly amazing and you should check out his awesomeness for yourself!


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