January 26


Mentors Month is January – Do you have yours?

Mentors are so important to success that a whole month
is dedicated to them! Do you have yours in place?

Multi-colored chalkboard with "Mentors Matter! Find one, Become one" handwriitten
Mentors Matter! Get yours today!

What performance areas are mentors appropriate?
Do you have a mentor or two?
What makes a great mentorship?

Mentors matter. They shape, guide, encourage, teach, listen, support, inspire, and companion others through personal or professional circumstances. I believe mentors are masterful wisdom-sharers to assist others.

Earlier this month, I was a guest lecturer at Carthage College. I spoke to Juniors and Seniors about the important of finding different mentors throughout their career and the value of mentoring.

What makes a great mentorship effective?

Let’s begin by understanding the traditionally accepted definition of a mentor: someone who is an experienced or trusted adviser. Often it is someone, who is tenured in a particular topic. Additionally they want to impart wisdom to others in their area of expertise. The mentee is the one being mentored. To harness the most of this relationship, the mentee should be open to learning and appropriately applying the wisdom the mentor is sharing.

What type of mentor or mentors will serve you best?

For Your Consideration: 8 Types of Mentors

Profession or Trade Mentor
Your profession/trade is always evolving. This is someone who can equip you with your profession’s mastery for your future’s success.

Industry Mentor
Industry transitions and trends are constant. This is someone who helps you learn who to follow, what’s Best in Class, Associations to join, etc.

Organization Mentor
This is the same as an industry mentor. With the exception that this focus is on your organization/employer. More so helping you notice and align with new trends and leadership changes.

Customer Mentor
Someone who can teach you the ropes. Essentially giving you the inside scoop of all the research and wisdom of your customers.

Work Process Mentor
This expertise concentrates on “how to get things done effectively and efficiently”. It focuses on the tactical side of things – your process/workflow circumstances.

Technology Mentor
This is someone who imparts tips regarding technology requirements, tutorials, discernment for effective and efficient tech tools, and how to utilize them for success.

Work/Life Integration Mentor
This balance is in a constant state of flux. This is wisdom-sharing in the areas of negotiating priorities, time, and activities to find self-contentment.

Career Development Mentor
Typically perceived as the “Classic” mentoring role. This could be for a month, year, or lifetime. It’s a treasure. This will guide your overall professional development.

~Adapted from Source: www.masteryworks.com/newsite/downloads/Article3_EightTypesofMentors-WhichOnesdoyouNeed.pdf


Mentors can be free or paid. You need to discuss this at the beginning of your relationship. ALWAYS extend gratitude through a gift of appreciation to your mentor/s from time to time.

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Please feel free to comment on which type of mentor will serve you best! Also, what type of individuals would you like to mentor? (suggestions in the p.s.)

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p.s.:  I’ve been mentoring youth for over 20 years. It is some of my most satisfying contribution I provide. If this is the type of mentor you choose to be, check out your local Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts or  Mentor: National Mentor Partnership.Create brilliant outcomes through making better decisions in real-time.

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