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Business Owner Concentration during the Holidays

Business Owner Concentration improves performance during the Holidays and year round. Illustrated by a male gymanist swinging his legs around the pommel horse.
Business Owner Concentration improves performance during the Holidays and year round.

Business Owner Concentration Sustained
During the Holiday Season

Business Owner Concentration is often difficult to sustain throughout the Holiday Season. We aren’t so unique, everyone has a little stronger “Bright Shiny Object Syndrome” to contend with this time of year. Yet, YOUR Business’s profit may depend on this one tip being applied.


Business Owners success of closing the year strong often depends upon your concentration levels. NOTE: I didn’t say long hours. Quite the contrary! If you concentrate your thoughts and actions you will be more effective and efficient. You should be able to work less hours.


Before you leave your workplace, create YOUR Next Day’s Action Items List. This to-do list is really what I wrote – the next work day’s action items. These are all the things you know about today regarding what you must accomplish tomorrow. By planning out your next day, you will be able to come into work with clarity. With a high concentration level you will be accomplished by the end of the day.

As I look at the calendar today, I see there are only 20 more days until the new year! This planning technique will serve you well. I strongly encourage you to adopt it as a best practice for effectiveness. I learned this technique 20 years ago as an Executive Recruiter. This still is the greatest efficiency tip I’ve learned. It allowed me to come into work the next morning and not have to think about what needed to be done. I simply jumped into whatever I wrote on my action item planning list. It literally was a no-brainer every morning. FYI: I’m not a morning person.

“Concentration and mental toughness
are the margins of victory.”

~Bill Russell

I encourage you to activate this tip for Business Owner concentration during the holidays. It’s a life-saver and will help you to shine brightly. Additionally, it allows you to spend more time with those you love – doing what you love.

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