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Vacationing is vital to your business’s success

Vacationing depicted by women wearing a white bikini and large hat while standing in the ocean.
Vacationing is a necessity to improve performance.

Vacationing can revitalize you
into even greater success!

Vacationing is a necessity! It’s like sleep… we all know we need it, but we don’t do it enough. Why? There’s a great deal of recent research lately on the topic and unfortunately most of it negates other research.

Overall, the research is important and it reveals we aren’t taking enough vacation time. Today, I’d rather share people’s comments regarding why they don’t take vacation or all their allotted vacation time. But before we go there, here’s the research’s short answer: We need time-outs.

7 Common “Why vacationing isn’t for me” excuses:

“There’s no one else to do my job.”
“I can’t be away for more than __ hours/days.”
“What would I do?”
“Who will take care of my customers?”
“I’m afraid I will lose my job.”
“I’ll pay for it with a double workload.”
“I’ll be overlooked for a promotion.”

I admit there are extra activities, both personally and professionally, to vacationing. However, the benefits outweigh the extras to do it well.

If you are planning a great vacation, there is one thing I must ask you about your re-entry. Are you planning a great re-entry back into work? What’s re-entry? It’s when you re-enter your workplace. Do you prepare for a more graceful or productive re-entry?

Developing a strong vacationing re-entry plan

Do you give yourself a cushion?
Give yourself a little extra time. At least a day or half a day to get acclimated before you jump back into the groove of things again is a good practice. Don’t commit to too much your first day or week back. Ease into your schedule again.

Do you have your work space cleared and/or cleaned prior to leaving?
You’ll be glad you did when you return to your workspace and it’s welcoming. If you forget this, you’ll have a pile or two of headaches and ughs looking you straight in the eye when you get back. By the way, that’s not motivating.

Do you set up filters for your email (which you should do anyway)?
Upon return, you will be able to address important emails instead of spending time sorting them out.

Do you give your work to the best person capable for the specific job?
I always considered who was the best person to substitute for me. I wasn’t afraid of internal competition. I was (and still am) focused much more on making sure things are handled well. This way I could go away with full confidence that everything was handled as well as it would be if I were there.

Do you give your team enough wisdom before you unplug?
Do this favor for yourself and others. This way you can unplug and feel good about it. Also, if you aren’t the boss, here’s something fascinating: When you’re gone, you become more valuable. Why? Your boss realizes how much they lean on you if you aren’t there. Greater value of your service will be recognized with promotions and/or pay increases.

Vacationing literally pays off!

Image a sky with sun smiling, a big heart and a peace sign with a saying "I love vacation time!"
The Value of Vacation Time!

Vacationing is well worth it for your professional success! If vacationing isn’t your thing, make it your thing. Taking a “pause” is important. Even if you want to stay at home (stay-cationing) that’s fine too. It doesn’t matter, just start taking your vacation instead of giving it to the company.

Vacationing revitalizes the soul. When you feel refreshed, you automatically improve your performance.

When you don’t take your time off it’s actually costing you money because you just volunteered your time. Ouch! Didn’t realize your hourly rate goes down when you don’t participate in the vacation plan? Yep, it surely diminishes your value.

Feel free to leave a comment about which vacationing excuse (mine’s in the p.s.) is keeping you and your business from performing even better. Get busy planning your vacation! Yikes – half of summer is already behind us.


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p. s. Take it from someone who wanted to be such a good employee that she didn’t take a vacation for 3 years. What did that get me? Exhausted – my flame wasn’t as bright as it could’ve been until I started vacationing.


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