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Office clean up illustrated by a message desk with boxes, tax documents, endless stack of messy papers and a hand calculator.

Office clean up immediately improves your productivity

Office clean up immediately improves your productivity Office clean up can be one of the best things you do this week to feel more productive. What on earth am I talking about? YOUR Business Success depends upon you being effective and efficient. One of the best ways to do this is to have a clean workspace. […]

Quitting - the easy way out. Illustrated by a man's working boots worn in while in a construction workshop.

Quitting when on the verge of success

Quitting when on the verge of success – happens too frequently in small business! Quitting, it’s common. For Small Business Owners to give up when they are the verge of success is heartbreaking. Their business’s are waiting to perform, but aren’t being prepared to do so. As a Business Coach and Strategist, I see it […]

Balanced self cared for Business Owners illustrated through black and white posed photo of Lucille Ball sitting with her young children on their bed.

Success Tip: Immediately focus on self care Business Owners

Success Tip for Business Owners: Immediately focus on self care Self care of Business Owners is important for us to remember as a high priority. Why? If you aren’t at your optimum, how can you effectively support YOUR Business’s Success? This week I had coffee with a gent who advises/coaches business owners too. He and […]

Business Coaching for falling asleep at the wheel. Depicted with man sleeping while in driver's seat of old truck.

Exhaustion of Business Owners is Dangerous Business

Exhaustion of Business Owners is Dangerous Business- Don’t get caught sleeping at the wheel! Has exhaustion slowed you down? Are you mentally tired? Do you need a break? Exhaustion of Business Owners is a real. It negatively impacts YOUR Business’s performance. Unfortunately many Business Owners are falling asleep at the wheel. Is this you? It doesn’t […]

Down-time depicted through an image of 2 chairs on the shore with starry clouds all around.

Down-time Always Improves Your Performance

Down-time… we mere humans need it! Down-time improving your performance isn’t a new concept for regular followers here. About 5 or 6 times a year I post about the importance of us remembering this. It serves us well when we take this seriously. Yes, that means taking action to make it a reality for you […]

Business Owners effective self-management can help you slow down and enjoy yourself more.

1 Tip for Effective Business Owner Self-Management

Effective Business Owner Self-Management: What exactly is it? What is effective Business Owner Self-Management? Don’t worry if this isn’t a familiar concept. It’s a concept I’ve been discussing with other great minds in the business and leadership performance field of practice. It appears there’s a great deal of chatter emerging regarding self-management for Business Owners. […]

Vacationing depicted by women wearing a white bikini and large hat while standing in the ocean.

Vacationing is vital to your business’s success

Vacationing can revitalize you into even greater success! Vacationing is a necessity! It’s like sleep… we all know we need it, but we don’t do it enough. Why? There’s a great deal of recent research lately on the topic and unfortunately most of it negates other research. Overall, the research is important and it reveals […]

Survival Tool depicts tools for survival, not business.

Survival of the fittest doesn’t always win business

Survival of the fittest isn’t always winning business today “Survival of the fittest always wins.” This is a myth which needs to be debunked – especially in business. Survival shouldn’t even be a goal when we speak of business. Yet, new and old businesses are in survival mode. What? Business Survival is the Norm? Today […]

Leaders get stuck and don’t admit it – why?

Leaders get stuck and don’t admit it! Do you get stuck and don’t know where to turn? Do you feel like you’re backed up against a wall? Who can be your confidant? Leaders get stuck all the time. This is part of their role… leaders are trailblazers. Inadvertently, trailblazers don’t have the ideal circumstances or […]