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Exhaustion of Business Owners is Dangerous Business

Business Coaching for falling asleep at the wheel due to exhaustion. Depicted with man sleeping while in driver's seat of old truck.
Are you falling asleep at the wheel due to exhaustion: 10 solutions!

Exhaustion of Business Owners
is Dangerous Business-

Don’t get caught sleeping at the wheel!

Has exhaustion slowed you down?
Are you mentally tired?
Do you need a break?

Exhaustion of Business Owners is a real. It negatively impacts YOUR Business’s performance. Unfortunately many Business Owners are falling asleep at the wheel. Is this you? It doesn’t need to be you. You are the only one who can stop it!

My Exhaustion Breakthrough Story:

Over 10 years ago I was Wonder Women. Yep, that was me. I could and did do it all. Yet, I wasn’t sleeping enough. Matter in fact, I couldn’t really sleep at all. There was too much to do. “The list” was endless and it was all important and needed to be done ASAP. Does this sound familiar to you?

Everyday, things would get checked off and added to “the list”. I was a master at managing “the list”. Yes, I was getting a ton of stuff done. But I wasn’t enjoying it and wasn’t enjoying life. My life had become “the list” in action. Unfortunately I had lived like this for at least a decade prior. Everything became a chore. Even socializing and the holidays were a chore – just something to check off “the list”.

Then around 2001 everything came to a screeching halt. Sheer exhaustion! I attained “official burn-out” and my physical body was screaming at me. At first I was stuck; then stopped. This exhaustion thing is real. I couldn’t make anything happen to save my soul. Only my best friend knew I was a disaster. Eventually I had surgery and learned how to take a time-out. Even if it was forced, that’s how I quit being a workaholic. Well that, and a Harley shortly after.

Have you found yourself in a state of exhaustion?

Exhaustion is real AND it negatively impacts YOUR performance and YOUR Business’s performance. News Flash: You aren’t Super Man or Wonder Women. Here’s the good news: You are you! You are a Business Owner with a message or solution which people need. If you are too pooped out to show up where you need to be or do what you need to do, you aren’t serving the people who need you. Exhaustion keeps you from serving your awesomeness to your customers.

Has your exhaustion created mental fuzziness?

If you are running on empty, chances are you are not making the best decisions for YOUR Business. When we are tired or even over-tired, we don’t have mental clarity. Are you wavering on decisions? What about postponing decisions? Not being satisfied with anything? Not being able to execute is a sign of exhaustion.

Exhaustion: YOUR Invitation to Take/Make a Break!

Breaking through exhaustion isn’t easy. It does become easier if you choose it versus allowing it to go on for too long and it makes you burnt or crispy around the edges. Taking baby steps will help you reverse your exhaustion. If you need more than baby steps, I urge you to take them immediately!

We oversimplify everything on this blog for it to be practical and tactical for you. Over the years, we have often posted about slowing down to be more efficient and effective. Check out our Top 10 posts of Exhaustion and Burn-out Solutions by clicking on them to learn more about how to help you overcome exhaustion now:

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Taking a Time Out

Need a Break? Take a day off to celebrate YOUR Success

Productive Breaks Improve Performance

Vacationing is vital to YOUR Business’s success

Vacation time is value to Business Leaders

Vacation Now to Improve YOUR Productivity

Please feel free to comment or ask questions on anything you’d like to help you accomplish YOUR Business Goals…


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