July 30


Business Strategy: Vacation Now and Improve Your Productivity

Have you vacationed yet this summer?
Want to be more productive? Take a vacation … now!

Business Rescue Coach’s 2012 Summer Vacation: The Great Mississippi River, 2012

YES! Leaving your business or office behind will improve your productivity. It’s a fact folks, we need to vacation… now! Our minds need our help … they need to take a break from the routine we make them endure. After we vacation, we go to work more gracefully, and will be more efficient and effective. Additionally, research indicates we become more creative – especially when traveling abroad taking in new sites.

This past week, my husband and I took a vacation. It was designed to be a week long, and then something wonderful happened 🙂 Our youngest son, announced he would be coming to our state and performing (he is now beginning his graduate studies at Juilliard) and we haven’t seen him perform in quite some time. So the Harley-riding vacation was cut in half and we were able to listen to a fabulous performance! This performance was different than what we traditionally would listen to as it was “New Music”. I appreciated hearing “the difference”, seeing our son perform exquisitely, and appreciated another venue that was much different than the first half of our vacation.

Business Rescue Coach’s 2012 Summer Vacation, Al Muth’s Dealership, WI

Why bother sharing about vacations?
The change of your routine and what you experience is the key to an effective vacation.

Have you taken your summer vacation yet? Are you going to a new place and/or experiencing something new and different? If not, plan to… it will do you the most good 🙂 If you already have, good for you! If you can’t break away this summer, do your career or business a favor – plan a vacation prior to the Holidays.

Business Rescue Coach’s 2012 Vacation, Castle Rock, WI

Want to create the most effective vacation?
When you go away… unplug yourself from your email/s and everything else 🙂

Curious where we went? We road along the Wisconsin side of the Great Mississippi River. Temperatures were hoovering around 100 degrees and it was extremely humid-ugh 🙁 We saw the bluffs and coulees and road them both- riding over 800 miles in 3 days! I hadn’t been to this part of Wisconsin so it was beautiful eye candy for me. May you have a wonderful vacation too!

If you or your business needs rescuing regarding  Business Strategies,
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Blessings of Success to YOU ~
The Business Rescue Coach, Maggie Mongan
Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc.


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