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Tradition supports actions for grand success

Tradition… Supports YOUR Actions of Success

What is the value of tradition?
Does tradition help or hamper success?
Do you have a valuable tradition?

Maggie in full riding gear sitting on motorcycle with ice on lake behind her
Maggie Mongan’s riding tradition to welcome Spring 2015

Tradition could be happening this very moment for you and your business. Are you identifying it as such? Unless it is intentional, you may not be and that’s just fine. Traditions occur because it is a repeated circumstance. That is the technicality of something happening to qualify it as a tradition! So what traditions have creeped into your business and life that you haven’t noticed?

Spring Harley Riding Tradition

My husband and I are Harley Riders. Each March, on or around St. Patrick’s Day, we take our inaugural trip of the new year’s riding season. Perhaps this doesn’t sound significant until you know we live in Wisconsin and there is usually snow melting during this bone chilling yet invigorating ride. This slightly above freezing temperature outing in now a 7 year old tradition.

Gee, even where we ride is part of the tradition. We take a ride around Lake Geneva, WI. More specifically, completely around the Lake. Lake Geneva is in Southeastern Wisconsin and is a vacation hotspot for Illinois border jumpers looking for vacation time. Thus, we only ride there in Spring and Fall, when there are no tourists.

Is Tradition Beneficial?

the tradition and bars for fishermen is honored on this bar's wall with the harpoon
Do you see the harpoon on Willie’s wall?

The value this tradition offers us is: we know exactly what we are doing, how much cold we must endure and for how long, and where to stop for a really good bowl of chili. Cheers to Harpoon Willies! Tradition creates familiarity. It also creates expectation.

Tradition of my husband riding his motorcycle with ice of Lake Geneva in the background.
Husband Chris on 1st Spring Ride of 2015

Yet, sometimes tradition can hamper something new which is waiting to emerge. Honoring a tradition beyond it’s time can occur and isn’t always beneficial. Is there a better place to stop than Harpoon Willies? Is there a different route that wouldn’t make us freeze along a cold and snow covered frozen glacial lake? Would we enjoy the trip more if we waited another month?

Sometimes tradition is a give and take. We choose one thing at the risk of not gaining a different experience. This life choice isn’t any different than business choices and traditions we make every day: routes to work or customers, cups of coffee, holiday time off, where online we go first when we log-in, and when we take our breaks. Each one of these, if repeatable, becomes a tradition.

Are you discerning which of your traditions are serving you well and which aren’t?

Don’t just drop hindering traditions. Replace them with new traditions to support your success! Check out the p.s. to see what my tradition is for starting my workday.

Have fun creating a new tradition. Make each one enjoyable! As the Easter Holiday weekend is upon us, is there a potential tradition in the happening?

Please feel free to comment on traditions which could help you transform and
improve YOUR Business’s profit and success. 


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Blessings of Success to YOU ~
Maggie Mongan, Brilliant CEO & Founder
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p. s.: I start my work day my limbering up while my coffee is brewing. When the weather is favorable, I go outside to our patio and do my daily practice of prayers, meditation, and then envisioning my business’s success. Once I’m clear as to what I need to do to support my vision, I proceed with great inspiration! Nice and beneficial tradition. What’s yours?


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