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Performance Improved by Daydreaming

Performance Improved by Daydreaming?

Performance improvement through envisioning
Performance improvement through envisioning

How varied are your performance improvements strategies?
Do you know when you need to daydream to improve performance?
Are you managing your time well?

Precisely one month ago today I wrote a post about how Distractions can negatively impact your performance. Click on this sentence to be linked to the post on Distractions. Today, I’m going to write about something, which at first may appear to be the same, but isn’t.

Distractions come in many shapes and sizes! Often times they are external. Distraction management is important to your effectiveness as a professional. Unfortunately, these stealth distractions are internal and often operate with us unaware of their hampering effects. I agree, for some, daydreaming could be a distraction which goes unnoticed. This isn’t the daydreaming I’m sharing. The daydreaming I’d like to focus on is intentional and conscientious contemplation, or pondering, which allows you to consider new concepts which inspire you toward your goal/s.

Varied Strategies to Improve Performance

For the past month, I have been busy recovering from a significant surgery. Don’t worry, I am well. During that time, my outwardly performance was minimal – only able to create our weekly Friday Business Strategies for Next Week posts (and serve some clients). I hope the weekly posts served you well! My performance goal is delivering 3 posts to you – just as usual 🙂 During my down time, I watched a couple documentaries that were fascinating… even a couple movies about some of the greats.

Without being able to do much reading or typing, I was able to watch some programs and ponder a great deal. Pondering is one of my business performance strategies, AND this was my default for much of my recovery. What do you do to stay productive while you aren’t working? I find cleaning, gardening, working out, standing at my blank whiteboard, or cooking always helps me come up with solutions to my business dilemma. Now, onto what I learned.

Improve YOUR Performance by Daydreaming – Just As Einstein Did!

Since I couldn’t do any of my normal productive pondering activities, the television’s educational programs fed my brain to stir up different thoughts! I was inspired to learn how daydreaming is the activity, which brought more than one of the world’s great innovators to their great success. In particular, I’d like to focus on Albert Einstein for a moment.

Unable to find work as a physicist after graduating (he wasn’t considered an employable physicist), Einstein took a job as a patent clerk. Because he was a smart, Einstein could finish his work before the day was complete. This allowed for him to daydream, or contemplate, how things appeared outside his window at the patent office. Ultimately, this lead him to create his wonderful theories, which took years to scientifically validated. For many years, one of the world’s greatest minds was not doing what he was capable of professionally. Yet, in his spare time he was writing papers, which would later be validated as genius and alter our thoughts regarding how the universe works.

It was through those daydreaming moments that Einstein conjured up notions of how time-space and gravity actually worked. It was through his time at the window, walking in a park, or hiking in the mountains, that Einstein had mental clarity to bring forth cutting-edge concepts!

Time Management (a farse) & Daydreaming

I’ve shared many times in my writings there is not such thing as time management; however, there is productivity management. Let’s consider how daydreaming is productive and improves performance. Daydreaming, or pondering, frees your mind from all realistic constrictions. It’s a way for you to think freely without reason- often what we accuse children of doing… it’s imagination!

While in graduate school, I remember reading an article (I don’t have it cited anywhere), which revealed that there was only one similar activity “great” CEOs did… they all spent 20 minutes, each day, pondering/envisioning the business. I ask my clients to do the same. I admit I don’t do this formally every day – only 4-5 times per week. Yet, I share with you the value of it is undeniable!!!

Your Action Item:

Take 5 daydreaming or pondering minutes, 3 times this week. See what your mind can help you create, or problem solve, to improve your performance. TIP: Don’t think about all the things which prohibit you from this (it’ll consume the same amount of time as actually doing it)! Cheers to your Daydreaming success! Go be brilliant 🙂

Maggie’s curious: What is one thing you will be pondering this week? Share in the comment sections so we can learn from each others 🙂 … Mine is: I’ve been ask to present to a group next month. Selection of the most appropriate topic is my pondering.


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