Maggie Mongan being stung by killer bees
Killer Bees Beware

                              Killer Bees: Beware!

Are you attracting killer bees?
Do you ever get stung and have to change your plans?

How do you respond to your killer bees?

Killer bees will be part of this post in just a minute – hang tight… This past weekend was a long Holiday weekend for the United States of America and Canada. Labor Day was created to give those who did hard labor a day off when the temperature was unbearable to keep doing manual labor. It could be considered a day of awareness for humanity!

If you are a regular follower here, you know we spend a good amount of time discussing balance and alignment. Click here to read more about: No More Lunch Meetings post. So what do killer bees have to do with any of this?

Are you attracting killer bees?

This past weekend, my honey and I jumped on the Harley to go for a relaxing ride – our holiday weekend, chilling out ride. It was long overdue since I wasn’t able to ride much this summer with my surgery recovery extending through a majority of the riding season. Wow, I haven’t even rode 20 hours yet this season! Needless to say, this is a very different summer.

So I got all snappy (geared up) for our ride. I value my brain-housing unit so I always wear a helmet. We were riding for about 1.5 hours and making a turn through an intersection when a killer bee impeded upon our progress. It happened – I was stung by a “killer bee”. No, it wasn’t really a killer bee, but I call bees who sting us killer bees because they die after they sting something.

Here’s a Maggie Mongan Motorcycle Riding Factoid: Every August or September I get stung by at least one killer bee. This is totally bizarre because my husband has only been stung once out of all our miles. Yes, I do understand that bees are very active during these months, but why do I always get the bite? Perhaps it’s because I’m so sweet and vibrant that the poor bees can’t help themselves but be attracted (she says in a rather cheeky tone). Perhaps you are also attractive to the killer bees.

Do you ever get stung and have to change your plans?

The sting which occurred was at a most crucial point of safety during our ride. Had I not been a tenured rider, I would’ve probably started flapping my arms and jumped around. None of this is good while being a passenger, especially while making a turn through an intersection. When turning, your balance and the motorcycle’s balance shifts to one side, any unexpected shift in weight could bring the motorcycle down to the ground – not an option!

So what do you do when it’s time to respond instead of react to a killer bee? Well, you cautiously move your hand to your helmet strap, which is where the boo-boo occurred, and calmly remove the bee while calmly yelling at the top of your lungs, “Ouch, that hurts, pull over right away, I can’t believe it, I’ve been stung again, and it really hurts!” Staying aligned with the motorcycle and balanced was the priority in the moment, not my ouchy. That’s right, a little thing, like a bee broadsided our trip’s success! How often in business do we get broadsided by the smallest of things or details? Often enough, and it hurts!

We changed our plans, even ended our trip early. I had 3 stings and was in a great deal of pain. We went to the restaurant and ordered a slice of onion (tip: the enzymes in onions begin to neutralize the sting and reduce inflammation), ate our dinner, and came home so I could sit with an ice pack on the side of my face while having our backyard fire. Guess that was all “fire and ice” 🙂

How do you and your business respond to your killer bees?

Every business has killer bees attack it! Heck, I just finished a phone call with a client who has had a swarm of killer bees attack this past week. Coaching Tip: keep calm, stay on your course, and adapt to whatever is necessary to accomplish your task or mission. Even though our dinner was far from fun… with me wearing a slice of union on my cheek, it was a really good dinner. Gee, I made it home and enjoyed the rest of the evening – even with an ice pack attached to my face!

How are you preparing for your more common killer bees? Since this is definitely a pattern for me, we have a “bee sting stick” we carry on our motorcycle to begin neutralizing the bite until we can get to an onion slice. Think about it… what are your more common killer bees and how can you neutralize them?


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  1. Well, I know that a swarm of killer bees tried to sting me today, but I thwarted them, stayed cool and calm, and as a result a wonderful opportunity popped up with I was able to take advantage of. So I know this advice works!

    Perhaps the bee stung Maggie just so she could write this awesome blog!

    As always, thank you Maggie for such great advice and I hope no more bee get you this month when you are out and about.

    Be Well,
    Blake Cahoon, Spiritual Translator of Divine Messages
    Illuminated Engagements Centre for Whole Being

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