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5 Steps for Advancing Business on a Short Holiday Workweek

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It only takes 5 simple steps for advancing business during a short holiday workweek – that work!

5 Steps for Advancing Business
on a Short Holiday Workweek

Advancing business is the theme for each week of Small Business Ownership. But how the heck to do you this when everyone has “Holiday Head” and isn’t focused on anything except their plans to play?

Short Holiday Workweeks need extra attention from Small Business Owners. Your annual Business Performance may depend upon you mastering this!

We, Small Business Owners, are the kingpin to whether short workweeks are highly productive or not.

5 Steps for advancing business during a short holiday workweek:

Step 1 Understand everyone has what I’ve coined, “Holiday Head”. People’s minds are all about the Holiday this week. Use this to your advantage by asking them about their plans. They will answer with great joy – even if they’ll binge watching something over the long weekend.

Step 2 Schedule all the activities you have with other people in the front end of the week. You can’t depend on them being focus on the last day of their workweek so position these critical activities to the first part of your workweek.

Step 3 Plan your own project work for the last day or two of the workweek. Everyone is focused on trying to get out the door or is already slacking, which means they will leave you alone! This is your time to make a dent into your personal workload.

Step 4 Build out your appointment schedule for your return week. Stack the first part of the return week with your most critical appointments. This will assure that everyone will have a fresh mind to tackle what is essential.

Step 5 Celebrate and enjoy your long Holiday Weekend knowing that you had a productive week AND you are completely set up for advancing business upon your return.

BONUS: Extend your appreciation to someone who matters! Take a mentor to lunch toward the end of your workweek. You’ll come back to work feeling positive and catapult your productivity to new heights.

Advancing Business during Short Holiday Workweeks has been one of my productivity secrets for decades!

The above is exactly what I do and have practiced for over 20 years. Why? It works splendidly. Give it a try for a couple of times and let it work for you too!

Please feel free to comment or share which one of the steps you see as most beneficial to support YOUR Small Business Success.


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