September 4


Long holiday weekends to rejuvenate Business Owners

Long holiday weekends invite us to play and restore our spirit. Depicted by a man running on the beach to keep up with the kite he is flying.
Long holiday weekends invite us to play and restore our spirit

Long holiday weekends are designed to
rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul:
Balance for you and your business…

Long holiday weekends in the United States of America are a blessing to Small Business Owners. They give us to chance to “take a day out of time” or “jump off the planet (of our norm)” and do something different. Many people say Memorial Day Weekend is their favorite because it still holds all the hope of a grand summer. Whereas Labor Day Weekend signifies a time to start wrapping up the summertime fun. Then of course there’s the folks who make the best of every moment.

Long Holiday Weekends:
A time out for YOUR Mind

You spend most of your time focusing on YOUR Business’s Performance right? This is a good thing. Here’s something cool to know: Long holiday weekends are available to help us take a “time out” from your normal productive fashion. These long holiday weekends offers you something different than your everyday experience. How does that benefit you? It gives you an opportunity to give your mind and body a break from your normal go-go-go routine. It allows your mind to notice things it normally doesn’t. It gets you out of the same mental routes and invites you to create new experiences and thoughts.

Long Holiday Weekends:
Down Time & Restoration for YOUR Body

Your body delivers you to each opportunity you show up at. But do you give it a break for constantly supporting your high performance? By taking some time off and doing something different during long holiday weekends it allows your body a break from it’s high producing activities. Gift yourself to do something different. Take a hike, go canoeing, do some gardening, get in your garden, dance your heart out somewhere… or two of my favorites: Go Harley riding and then have a campfire and gaze at the stars!

Long Holiday Weekends:
Soothe YOUR Soul

Slow down your pace. Don’t try to jam everything into a couple of days. This is how we screw up our vacations too – we come back too exhausted. Breathe a little deeper more frequently. Take a moment to ponder a flower or discover cloud shapes.

Long Holiday Weekends:
Help Create Balance for YOUR Business

Responsibly stepping away from YOUR Business is a good thing to do from time to time. You aren’t a machine. Give yourself a break. Give your business a beak from you! When you do; you return refreshed. Being refreshed supports higher creativity to resolve issues or create whatever is on your production lists. Let’s not forget your productivity improves because you’re rested. It’s a win-win!

You have one more big push of production before the end of the year to meet your goals. Rest up this long holiday weekend and enjoy all life is presenting to you! If you do, you’ll be amazed at how your performance improves.

FYI: Next week we’ll pick up on our “Pushover Business Owner” series of posts. If you haven’t checked out YOUR Pushover score, you might want to read that post.

Please feel free to comment or share how you’re going to improve your own and YOUR Business’s success over this long holiday weekend… see the p.s. below for mine…


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p.s.: We’re having dinner tonight with friends. And you can bet on these three additional things: Harley riding, campfire with star-gazing, and harvesting the garden. How about you?


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